ResMed AirSense 11 AutoSet CPAP with HumidAir, 30 Day Free Trial
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ResMed AirSense 11 AutoSet CPAP with HumidAir, 30 Day Free Trial

Model: 39000, 39001
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ResMed AirSense 11 (Air11) Auto CPAP Machine

Introducing the ResMed AirSense 11 Auto CPAP! This smart, sleek, digital machine brings apnea therapy to a whole new level. It is three machines in one with three modes: CPAP, Auto, and Auto For Her.

The touchscreen controls have replaced the click-and-turn action of the older units. With just a tap of your finger, humidity, tube temperature, and climate control can be adjusted. The touchscreen access to the comfort features is brilliant and as simple as your smartphone. Only one large button, to start therapy, on the whole machine, quickly and easily, makes this machine incredibly user-friendly.

This new sleep apnea machine has a whole new look but still has the same great features, such as a heated humidifier, AutoRamp, Smart Start & Stop, EPR, Climate Control, and Mask Fit. It also has the options of heated and non-heated tubing, standard or cleanable water tub, standard and hypoallergenic filters, a carry bag, and a side cover if you wish to remove the water chamber.

The electrical cord attaches to the machine via a USB port. This upgrade is a great improvement to the AirSense 10's signature loose cord connection.

Technology is what brings the Air11 to the top of the class. Digital controls with built-in Bluetooth and cellular technology provide information sharing like no CPAP equipment before has ever been achieved. Users can connect to the myAir app and receive Care Check-In coaching and therapy assistance in their own homes.

Looking for more data information? The high-tech AirSense machine can be connected to AirView, a secure, cloud-based system that allows your sleep specialist to access your sleep data. Respshop Remote Data Service compliments the Air 11 for a complete holistic therapy. Respshop's professional team of RTs, Polysomnographic techs, and nurses can review the sleep report data and provide feedback and direction.

Transform Your AirSense 11 into a Travel Machine with a Side Cover

The ResMed AirSense 11 is a versatile CPAP machine that can be used as a travel machine by simply removing the water chamber and replacing it with a side cover. This allows for a smaller and more compact design, making it easier to transport on-the-go. The side cover is available for purchase here and is a great option for those who frequently travel and want to bring their CPAP machine with them. With this simple modification, the ResMed AirSense 11 can easily transform into a portable and convenient travel machine.

Key Features:

  • Digital Touch Screen - this is the first CPAP machine with a full touch screen. This is a welcome effort by ResMed to make their machines as user-friendly as a smartphone. This touch screen is not quite as sophisticated as one on your mobile device, but it is a big leap forward.
  • User-Friendly - For a smartphone user or anyone who appreciates the advances in modern technology, navigating the machine menu has become a lot easier and more intuitive.
  • Therapy Data - The cellular communication capability of the AirSense allows it to connect to the myAir app which has an average rating of 4.5 between the Apple and the Android platforms. View your data and monitor your therapy progress with ease.
  • AirView - AirView is a platform that allows your sleep doctor to monitor your CPAP therapy remotely and even to make adjustments and do troubleshooting.
  • Built-in Coaching - Personal Therapy Assistant is a feature that guides you through the initial equipment setup, helps adapt to your therapy, and assists in troubleshooting issues.
  • EPR (Expiratory Pressure Relief) - This feature reduces the air pressure when you exhale, making your therapy smoother and easier to adapt to.
  • SmartStart - You no longer have to start your machine manually. Just put on the mask, breathe in, and the machine will start automatically.
  • Smart Stop - No need to stretch your arm to turn the machine off when you need to get up or for any other reason. It will turn off when you remove your mask.
  • Humidification - Heated humidification just got smarter. Automatic climate control adjusts the heat and humidity levels automatically throughout the night to help prevent dry air passages.
  • Auto Ramp - Ramping is a feature that starts you off at a lower pressure and slowly eases you into higher pressure. The AutoRamp takes this process a step further and detects the moment you fall asleep in order to start increasing the pressure.
  • Mask Fit - Equipped with this feature, this CPAP machine helps you to adjust the mask fit so as to reduce or eliminate mask leaks – prior to using a new mask or before a night’s sleep.
  • ClimateLineAir Tubing (Optional) - Heated tubing helps reduce apnea therapy side effects, such as rainout and dry mouth.
  • Supports 4G and 5G - Yes, it's up to date with new connectivity technology.

Default Settings:

  • Ramp: Auto
  • Start Pressure: 4 cm H2O
  • Humidity Level: 4
  • Mask Type: Pillows
  • EPR: Off
  • SmartStart: Off
  • Tube Type: Slimline

How to maintain and clean your AirSense CPAP?

Always wash your hands before touching any part of your machine.

  1. Disposable filter - found on the left-hand side of the machine behind the door with holes. Discard and replace each month. The filter keeps the air you breathe clean and protects the machine motor from dust buildup, as well.
  2. Tubing - hang to dry whenever you see moisture within it. Wash once a week. Soak in a clean sink of warm, soapy water. Choose a mild detergent in a scent you like. Rinse well. Hang to dry. (This applies to both heated and non-heated tubing.)
  3. Water chamber - wash once a week in a clean sink of warm, soapy water; use a toothbrush to clean every corner. Lay to dry.

Replace your tubing and water chamber every 6 months to one year for optimal and bacteria-free therapy.

Reviewers Tip:
To use the AirView system, it is essential that your CPAP remains plugged in and is not in Airplane mode.


Is this a travel-friendly machine? Can I remove the integrated heated humidifier?
The AirSense 11 AutoSet is a compact machine. The humidifier is built-in but you can remove the water chamber, which will make the machine even more portable. If you remove the water chamber, you will need to insert the ResMed AirSense 11 Side Cover in its place.

Am I allowed to bring my AirSense on a plane?
Yes, you can bring the AirSense 11 on the plane and use it in-flight (it is FAA approved). CPAP machines are medical equipment and do not count against an airline’s carry-on limit. Airlines have different regulations regarding in-flight CPAP use. Please make sure you are familiar with your airline’s on-board CPAP use policy.

Does the AirSense 11 ClimateLineAir heated tubing work with any ResMed machine?
The AirSense 11 ClimateLineAir heated tubing is only compatible with the ResMed AirSense 11. It is not compatible with ResMed AirSense 10 or S9 models.

What are the differences between the ResMed AirSense 10 CPAP and the new AirSense 11?
The ResMed AirSense 11 offers improved Bluetooth connectivity and over-the-air software updates, as well as an AutoSet for Her mode. It also features full touchscreen navigation and a smaller, more streamlined design compared to the ResMed AirSense 10 AutoSet. A detailed comparison of the 2 AirSense models is available here.

MyAir is only available in the US and Canada.

Country of Origin

CPAP blower: Made in Australia or Singapore.
Power supplies & travel bag: Made in China

*Return on warranty issues only.

Reviewed by Susan CSSC

Certified Sleep Science Coach


After trying the new AirSense 11 AutoSet CPAP, I was pleasantly surprised at the upgrades. First, you will notice that there is no knob for the menu but a sleek, easy-to-read, touchscreen menu with a stop/start button at the top. The menu is very easy and intuitive to maneuver, as well, and looks sleek on my nightstand. This device is smaller and lighter than the AirSense 10, making it easier to travel with (and it comes with a travel bag).

Once you select My Options on the menu, it will allow you to change the SmartStart, Tube Setting, Ramp, Climate Control, and Mask settings. The My Sleep View gives you your data and mask seal, and the More+ menu leads you to the Warmup, Mask Fit, and MyAir App.

The touchscreen is very easy to move around and make changes to. I really like the AutoRamp feature which will sense when you have fallen asleep and automatically start your therapy.

The machine itself is a bit shorter than its predecessor AirSense 10 with a similar-sized water chamber. Heated humidification helps prevent a dry nose and mouth. I recommend the optional heated tube because it is very helpful to keep the CPAP tube from rainout and makes therapy more comfortable during the winter.

I found this is whisper quiet and comfortable. I also like the color of this machine making it a good choice for both men and women. This device will also do the "For Her" algorithm, so no need for a separate device if you are a female CPAP user.

My overall experience has been very positive, and I highly recommend the AirSense 11!

Model 39000, 39001
HCPCS Code E0601, E0562, A7037
Machine Weight 2.5 lb (1.13 kg)
Machine Weight with Humidifier 2.56 lb (1.16 kg)
Machine Size Only 9.32" x 3.72" x 5.45"or 236.7 mm x 94.5 mm x 138.5 mm (LxWxH)
Machine Size with Humidifier 10.21" x 3.72" x 5.45" or 259.4 mm x 94.5 mm x 138.5 mm (LxWxH)
Humidification System Built-in heated humidifier
Integrated Heated Hose Yes
Humidifier Settings 0-8
Water Chamber Capacity 380 mL to max fill line
Pressure Range 4 to 20 cm H2O
Pressure Relief EPR 1 to 3 (1 is min pressure relief, 3 is max)
Ramp Auto, Set Time 0-45 mins (5 minute increments)
Starting Ramp Pressure 4.0 cmH2O default
AC Input 100-240V, 50-60Hz
AC Power Supply 65W
Power Cord Length 6 ft
Power Consumption 56.1 Watts Typical; 73.2 Watts Peak
DC Converter No
Battery Option Yes
Supports Remote Monitoring Yes, built-in cellular modem
Smartphone App myAir app (iOS/Android)
Bluetooth Yes
Data Download Yes via SD card
SD Card Included No
AHI Display Machine, app
FAA-Approved Yes
Altitude Adjustment Automatic up to 9,870 feet
Oxygen Use Yes up to 15L/min
Oximetry Compatibility No
Compatible with All Masks Yes
Manufacturer ResMed
Warranty 2 Year Manufacturer Warranty
Sound/Noise Level 27 dBA with uncertainty of 2 dBA
Carrying Case Yes, included
Color Black and white
Expected Service Life 5 years
Filters Disposable filter (1 included)
Operation Modes AutoSet/APAP, AutoSet/APAP For Her, CPAP
Auto Start/Stop Yes/Yes
Leak Compensation Yes
AirView Yes
Built-in Cellular Technology Yes
Cell Type 4G/5G
Effective Bluetooth Range 10 m
Humidifier Included Yes
Ramp Time Yes
  • ResMed AirSense 11 AutoSet CPAP Machine
  • Built-in Heated Humidifier (Water chamber)
  • SlimLine or ClimateLine CPAP Tubing
  • 65W Power Supply with AC Cord
  • Filter
  • Air 11 Travel Bag
  • User Manual
3.9rating Based on 22 reviews
Je 12/21/2022
1 of 5 Stars!

Subject: Terrible Design Flaw
Whoever is in charge of their design team should be fired. How could they make their latest and greatest machine and completely fumble by making the hose come straight out (perpendicular) from the back of the machine? This machine uses a different hose than the previous AirSense 10 machine that came out with a 90-degree elbow. The new hoses do not come with a 90-degree option, and the old hoses are intentionally designed to not be compatible. To someone who doesn't use a machine this might not seem like a big deal, but if anyone on the design team actually used one, they would understand just what a fumble this is. This caused the now smaller machine, to take up twice as much space on a nightstand than the older larger design. Who could possibly think this is acceptable. When I bought my machine, I was told there was an adapter for this, but it turns out one DOES NOT EVEN EXIST. Now I will be forced to downgrade to the outdated model that does not even have wireless capabilities anymore.

Thank you for reaching out to us. I am so sorry you are unhappy with your purchase. Please call us so we can discuss your options if you purchased it from 866-936-3754

Jesse C(Verified Purchase) 07/13/2022
5 of 5 Stars!

Subject: Resmed Airsence 11
This is my first Cpap machine. I have currently used this machine for about a month and a half. The Machine was pre-set up by the company to the prescription requirement of my doctor. Pairing of the Resmed Airsence 11 to my phone with the Myair app was rather easy to do. It also had good step by step instructions on making adjustments to the machine also for mask type. The owner is also able to go into the clinical settings and adjust the pressure and ramp time if needed ( by doctors orders) them self. This Cpap also has a "warmup" function where it starts heating up the water for humidity before you put the mask on, I find this setting useful to push air thought the tubing and mask to push out some of that rubbery type smell of the tubing. The only down side i have found with this machine is the humidifier chamber. For some reason at the hinge point is lower and sloped down from the rest of it, that makes the max fill line higher then the hing point. The trick i have found is to tilt the humidifier tub back and then fill it and close the lid before moving it back level. Makes filling the tub easier to the max line, and spilling less water. The only thing i wish they would do is make a different water tub that had the hinge point higher up so one wouldn't need to tilt it back to fill to capcity.

In short this machine is really easy to use, and set up. The displace is nice and bright if there is light in the room. and not to bright when the room is dark or dimmed. Noise wise is it fairly quiet in my option, but i have no other machine to compare it to. The noise from the air moving out of the mask vents is much more notifiable then the machine its self.

Erik S 05/19/2022
4 of 5 Stars!

Subject: Airsense 11 review
Just purchased this machine as a replacement for a recalled Philips Dreamstation (thanks for the delay, Philips) machine. It was extremely easy to order and setup, seems to work great and is quiet as well.

My criticisms so far:
- Wonky reservoir design
- Reservoir uses water much faster than Philips machine (perhaps it holds far less water)
- Machine not provided with a cover to use when travelling and not using reservoir
- Host attachment at back of machine seems crude compared to Philips which had a swivel adapter on the top

Those items aside, again so far with 1-2 weeks of use, seems like a solid unit.

jesus Z 03/12/2022
2 of 5 Stars!

Subject: Resmed AIr Sense 11 Auto
The machine new touch screen features is an improvement over the Air Sense 10 auto. The air sense 11 noise is not as good as the Air sense 10. There is distinctive noise during inhalation on the AIr sense 11 while in use. The Air sense 10 is quiet.

Maybe it is just the Air sense 11 unit that was sent but I am not happy with the purchase. I would like it replaced with a new Air sense 11 or exchange for a Air sense 10 with credit for the price difference.

Palisrat H 11/24/2022
3 of 5 Stars!

Subject: Water reservoir is an issue
I had used AirSense 10 for some years and rented this AirSense 11 to try. I worked great and I could feel that the pressure changed smoothly. However the water reservoir is a BIG problem here, it ran out of water within 5-6 hours. I tried filling water as high as possible, still in would not last until the morning. I will wait for another model that is fixed this issue.

Hello, thank you for your feedback regarding this Resmed device. We will forward this information to the Manufacturer. The water reservoir is a bit smaller than the Airsense 10 device when ResMed made the Airsense 11 overall more compact.

Perry 03/18/2022
5 of 5 Stars!

Subject: Great update to my old ResMed S9
After 8 good years with the trusty S9, the new AirSense 11 is an impressive upgrade. It's more compact, weighs less, quieter, and easier to refill than the S9 was. The integration of the app is helpful and well thought-out. No complaints.

Cathy B(Verified Purchase) 05/29/2022
5 of 5 Stars!

Subject: Great machine
This is my 1st experience with a c pap machine. I am well pleased. I feel so much better the next day since I started it.

Roberta L(Verified Purchase) 07/03/2022
5 of 5 Stars!

Subject: Works great!
Since this is my first CPAP unit, I have nothing to compare it to and thus don’t have the same complaints as some other reviewers. I had a friend who let me try his AirMini which is why I decided that using a CPAP machine wouldn’t be so bad. Of course that’s a smaller unit but I found the hoses on that much more cumbersome to sleep with. It would be fine for a few days of travel but the AirSense 11 with the n30i mask works very well for me. It’s quiet, compact and I really like how the hose connects at the head so I can turn over at night and not have to reposition hoses. It was more expensive than the AirSense 10 but I wanted the slightly smaller unit and the mobile app to go with it vs. having to deal with an SD card that I don’t even know if I would be able to read myself. For me, it was worth the upgrade.

Angela P 01/15/2023
1 of 5 Stars!

Subject: When the electricity goes out my CPAP will not come back on
I am very unhappy with my CPAP it worked fine for about a couple of months then now every time the electricity goes off and comes back on it does not work for like 2 days so far it's been two days now and it's still ain't come back on I want it replaced I am pissed off. If it wasn't for the fact that it helps me when I stop breathing I would send this piece of junk back to you but I need it so I need a new one now.

Guyron M 05/19/2022
4 of 5 Stars!

Subject: machine
The machine runs out of water to fast....I end up having to put more water in it around 4 in the there a way to fix that?

Thanks Guy

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Have a question on this item? Ask here and we will answer it in 12-24 hours, usually in a few business hours! Questions and answers will appear here after we answer. You may also have email notifications.
Is AirSense 11 covered by Medicare?
Hi there, unfortunately we are not registered with Medicare. This device should be covered under Medicare, but you will need to find a local provider which will consider direct billing for you. Because we are not registered you will need to find out if they would consider reimbursing you for this purchase as it would be considered out of network. Thank you.
Is there a pulse oximeter solution like there is with the AirSense AutoSet Oximeter Kit?
Just like the Airsense 10 - you can use this.
Can you use the Air sense 10 sd card for the 11
I believe the airsense 11 data card is different. The s9 and s10 are compatible. However, the S11 has it's own card.
Do ResMed sleep apnea machines come with an air level less than 4. I had a Res Med machine and was unable to use because 4 was lowest level.
4 is the lowest pressure you can receive. If you have other questions please let us know
Does this machine have a way to run on a battery backup if the power goes out?
As of now no, we are hoping to carry a line of batterie that will be able to do that. Please check in with us in few weeks to see if the product is in.
Why does your app need my contacts? Does it work with Pixel phones?
Yes from what I read your google Pixel will work with myairview app. If you have other questions pleae feel free to contact our office or Resmed directly.
I am wondering if the Airsense 11 has a cleaning machine. I have checked Amazon and they are only displaying cleaning machines for the 9 and 10. Please advise
I am not too sure if a 3rd party will come out with the cleaner for the Airsense 11. As of February 1, 2020, ResMed has indicated that ozone damage will void the CPAP manufacturer's warranty. Therefore, they recommend that SoClean or any Ozone cleaners not be used with ResMed CPAP machines.
Hi, Do you need a doc prescription to purchase the AirSense 11 ?

Yes, a prescription is required for machine purchases/rental as it is an FDA requirement.

If you have not had a sleep study, you may want to consider our In Home Sleep Study that is fast, safe and reliable.

If you have already had a sleep study and cannot find your prescription, you can use the RespRX service and schedule an appointment with an online sleep doctor.

Please let us know how you would like to proceed and how can we help further!
Why my machine does not show full usage time if i stop the machine to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night?
Hello please contact our office and speak to our medical team. Thank you
What time of day does it use to change the date of the information on the app? I sleep late and during the day sometimes, just trying to figure out the cut off for the night before, when it changes to the next day.
It will look to transfer information mid morning. If you have any other questions please let us know or you may call into our office and we will be happy to help.
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