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Respironics OptiLife Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask
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For the light-to-moderate sleep apnea sufferer, there's the nasal pillow CPAP mask. Attaching to the nose and securing with a series of straps, the nasal pillow is the least obtrusive type of sleep apnea mask. Shop's great selection!

If possible, we recommend first-time CPAP users to try a nasal pillow to get comfortable with the idea of sleeping with pressurized air gently flowing through nasal passages. This can help you get comfortable with the idea of having something attached to your face during your sleep. If you have claustrophobia or need an unobstructed field of vision in your bed, then a nasal pillow may be a good start for you. If you have a beard or a mustache, CPAP nasal pillow masks are recommended for you. Facial hair often prevents full face masks from sealing properly.

Unlike the full face mask, the nasal pillow only covers the nose, leaving your lips free and uncovered (if the full face mask reminds you of a SCUBA diver, think of the nasal pillow as a snorkel). But, just because your mouth is outside of the mask doesn't mean it should be open at night. Combining a nasal pillow with a chinstrap can often get it to be more stable. With fewer points to adjust, that's fewer chances for something to slip out of place. Invest in a high-quality chinstrap from RespShop to keep your jaw secure, reducing the chance of dry mouth.

Want more protection from a dry mouth? Add a humidifier to your therapy kit. Together, all these different elements can help you achieve an effective and restful night's sleep. Note: If you find it difficult to breathe with a nasal pillow or think you have issues relating to the pillow, you may need a full face mask. Consult with your doctor.