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ResMed S9/AirSense/AirStart/AirCurve 10 CPAP HypoAllergenic Filters

Model: 36856, 36857, 36858
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No Prescription Required

Disposable HypoAllergenic Filters for CPAP Equipment

This is a 2, 12, or 50 pack of HypoAllergenic filters for ResMed S9/AirSense/AirStart/AirCurve 10 CPAP machines. Each filter has two layers: an inner layer that filters out small particles and debris, and an outer layer that blocks bigger materials. Together, the layers work to clean the air around your CPAP machine, ensuring that you're breathing in high quality air so that you get a great night's rest.

Key Features

  • Great For Patients With Allergies
  • Breathe Clean Air
  • Easy to Replace

Reviewers Tip:

HypoAllergenic Filters work better than standard CPAP filters.

Made in Australia, USA, UK.


How often should I change my filters?

As needed, but usually between 3-6 weeks.

Why would I need to change my filters?

The HypoAllergenic filters do a great job of blocking out unwanted particles, but they can't block absolutely everything. Over time, small particles will accumulate and compromise the strength of your filter.  Dimensions: (L x W)2 x 1 3/8 inches.

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