ResMed AirSense 10 Elite CPAP with HumidAir

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  • AirSense 10 Elite CPAP Machine
  • Integrated Humidifier with Water Chamber
  • ClimateLineAir or SlimLine (15 mm) CPAP Tubing
  • Power Supply and Cord
  • 1 Standard Filter
  • Filter Cover
  • User Manual
  • Travel Bag

ResMed Elite Manual CPAP Machine

One of the new machines in ResMed's AirSense series is the Elite. The AirSense 10 Elite CPAP is a high performing manual device that comes with all of the features you'd expect in a premier CPAP machine, including expiratory pressure relief, a heated humidifier, a host of advanced detection software, and easy controls. New to this model of the AirSense 10 Elite CPAP is an overhaul of the ramp system and the inclusion of ResMed's novel and proprietary AirView data management system.

AirView Data Management Software
ResMed is now offering users AirView technology, the finest data-sharing program in a CPAP machine to date. Your ResMed Elite CPAP Machine will include a wireless modem that allows you to jump into the Cloud and share all of your sleep apnea therapy data and information with your physician and CPAP performance specialist. You can share your usage history, leak rate data, and mask information statistics without ever needing to leave the comfort of your own home. Your AirSense 10 Elite CPAP machine will save a detailed log of all of your pertinent information for up to 365 days, all without requiring you to lift a finger. For users who don't want to keep a detailed record, simply place your machine in airplane mode, and the device won't track any of your data settings at all. Free set up with the purchase of a machine from RespShop. Please call our customer service department to register your machine. Read more about the Airview Data Service. (Please note: SD card is not included)

Expiratory Pressure Relief
ResMed has carried over expiratory pressure relief (EPR) from their line of S9 models. EPR is an algorithm that works by decreasing the Elite's pressure at the beginning of each breath a user takes, and then subsequently limiting that pressure throughout exhalation. Patients can choose whether they want the pressure to drop by one, two, or three cm H2O, and these pressure changes are made gradually so as to not awaken you while you undergo your therapy. EPR is also capable of detecting when you're in the midst of an unnatural respiration period: if an apnea lasts ten seconds or more, EPR stops and institutes your prescribed pressure setting until your breathing cycle recommences.

Event Detection
ResMed's AirSense Elite boasts several advanced event detection features. Separate and apart from typical therapeutic detection, the Elite is able to tell when you have Cheyne-Stokes respiration and also features central apnea detection.

Mask Fitting
The AirSense Elite features an intelligently constructed mask fitting detection circuit. When you apply your mask, the Elite is able to tell if you've fit the mask properly or if it requires an adjustment. An icon will pop up on the Elite's screen to notify you whether you've applied the mask correctly or not.

SmartStart SmartStop
To begin therapy with your Elite CPAP Machine, all you need to do is program your settings and breathe into the mask. Similarly, to stop therapy in the morning, simply take off the mask and the machine will shut down in a matter of seconds.

HumidAir Humidifier
ResMed overhauled the humidification on their machines with the new HumidAir humidifier. Unlike in past lines, the Elite comes with the humidifier already attached to the machine, which helps make the device smaller and more portable than previous models. The new humidifier features a slightly larger water chamber capable of holding up to 380 ml of water. The humidifier will help reduce some of the negative symptoms of CPAP therapy by propelling warm, moist air into your lungs: this helps to prevent rainout, nasal congestion, and other unpleasant side effects. Patients who do not wish to have humidified air may opt to remove the humidifier from the machine entirely or simply not fill the water chamber.

New Ramp Feature
Long a standard feature in CPAP products, ResMed has re-designed the ramp to help make therapy even more comfortable. In the AirSense 10 Elite, you can still use the ramp to gradually increase pressure over a forty-five-minute interval. For the first time though, you now have the opportunity to delay the onset of the ramp from the beginning of your therapy. For users who dislike the sudden inflow of air pressure when they turn on their CPAP, the new ramp is ideal: simply program the ramp to start anywhere from five to forty-five minutes after you turn on your machine and you can delay the onset of any pressure at all! This will allow you to fall asleep without any incoming pressure, helping you fall asleep naturally.

Easy Controls, Innovative Display
Therapeutic accessibility remains a hallmark of ResMed's machine in the AirSense Elite. The Elite comes with ResMed's most intuitive screen yet: it features a large button, simple navigation, and a bright LCD display. Moreover, the screen is programmed to adjust to the brightness of your room and will remain dim if you need to access your machine during the course of the night. This will help your bed partner stay asleep throughout the night.

Optional ClimateLine Tube
The AirSense Elite comes with a 15 mm diameter SlimLine tube, but customers also have the option of purchasing ResMed's new ClimateLineAir tube as well. The ClimateLineAir is also a slim, 15 mm tube and it's capable of ferrying warm air from the heated humidifier into your lungs. The ClimateLineAir helps you get the most out of your humidifier by keeping the air warm as it reaches your body, which helps protect against rainout, nasal congestion, and
dry mouth.

Key Features

  • Features EPR for advanced event detection response
  • New HumidAir humidifier and ClimateLineAir tube ergonomically warm the air you breathe
  • Mask leak detection software stops leaks before they start
  • AirView data management lets you share information instantly from your own home
  • Bright screen and intuitive controls make setup a breeze
  • SmartStart and SmartStop allow you to begin and end therapy in seconds
  • FAA approved.

Reviewers Tip:
The water chamber in the humidifier must be removed before it can take water. Do NOT try to fill the humidifier while it is attached to the Elite. The standard water chamber included is not dishwasher safe and should only be hand washed.

ResMed AirSense 10 Elite CPAP Machine


Is my old ClimateLine tube compatible with the AirSense 10 Elite?
It is not. The only heated tube compatible with the new AirSense 10 Elite is the ClimateLineAir.

What separates the Elite from the AirSense 10 CPAP?
The Elite is able to detect Cheyne-Stokes respiration patterns as well as central apneas.

Do I have to purchase AirView?
No. AirView is optional software. If you do not wish to use AirView , you can still save your data to an SD card (not included).

Return on warranty issues only.

RX Required 

Model37205, 37206
HCPCS CodeE0601, E0562
Built-in Cellular TechnologyYes
Data Storage CapacityOptional SD card (2GB): 365 days summary data, 30 days detailed data; Machine internal storage: 365 days summary data
Humidifier IncludedIntegrated
Ramp TimeYes
Weight of machine with Power SupplyApprox. 3.74 lbs
Basic Features
Warranty2 Year Manufacturer Warranty
Sound/Noise Level26.6 dBA
Carrying CaseYes, included
Expected Service Life5 years
FiltersDisposable filter (1 included)
Operation ModesCPAP
Auto Start/StopYes/Yes
Leak CompensationYes
Weight2.45 lb
Weight with Humidifier2.75 lb
Dimensions8" x 4.6" x 5.91" (LxWxH)
Dimensions with Humidifier10" x 4.6" x 5.91" (LxWxH)
Humidifier Features
Humidification SystemBuilt-in heated humidifier
Integrated Heated HoseYes
Humidifier Settings0-8
Water Chamber Capacity380 ml to max fill line
Power Features
AC Input100-240V, 50-60Hz
AC Power Supply90W
Power Cord Length6 ft
DC ConverterYes
Battery OptionYes
Power Consumption53 Watts Typical; 104 Watts Peak
Pressure Features
Pressure Range4-20 cm H2O
Pressure ReliefEPR 1 to 3 (1 is min pressure relief, 3 is max)
RampAuto, Set Time 0-45 mins (5 minute increments)
Starting Ramp Pressure4 cm H2O default
Additional Features
AHI DisplayMachine, app
Altitude AdjustmentAutomatic up to 8500 ft
Oxygen UseYes up to 4L/min
Oximetry CompatibilityYes, ResMed AirSense/AirCurve 10 Oximetry Kit (370004)
Compatible with All MasksYes
Software Features
Supports Remote MonitoringYes, built-in cellular modem
Smartphone AppResMed myAir app (iOS/Android)
Data DownloadYes via SD card
SD Card IncludedNo

Questions? Ask here. We typically respond within 12-24 hours, often sooner. You'll receive email notifications once answered.
1–4 of 4 Questions
Q. is this machine included in the recall?
A. The Airsense 10 is manufactured by ResMed, so not part of the Philips Respironics recall.
Q. The off/on indicator button is green all the time, I have tried to turn it off holding the button down as I did with my previous machine, that does not turn it f the machine. I’ve tried pushing the button for a second, that doesn’t turn it off. I now unplug the machine to shut it down. Is the machine intended to stay on? My concerns are that there may be a problem with the off/on switch, and waste of energy and wear of the machine.
A. You do not need to turn off the machine after use as after the machine cools down it will go on standby mode. Constantly pushing the stop/start will wear out your start/stop button very quickly. The Airsense 10 uses about 5 watts on the standby mode and 34 watts when running with your humidifier. You can turn it off by a long push of the stop button or unplugging the machine. It is recommended to unplug the machine when you plan on cleaning it. Speak to your provider/who you purchased your device from if you believe it is not working properly. If RespShop is your provider, please call us at 18669363754.
Q. Why does this machine only 4 stars when the manual version gets 5 star?
A. I am sorry the reviews are based on customer usage. I feel that the units are very good, quiet and very easy to work.
Q. When will this machine be available in white again?
A. Hi there, only the Airsense 10 AUTOSET For Her model comes in the white. We currently have it in stock here: https://www.respshop.com/cpap-machines/auto-cpap/resmed-airsense-10-autoset-cpap-for-her-with-humidair-p-850.html
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5 of 5 Stars!
Frank R Verified Purchase
Subject: AirSense 10
I was very happy with my first ResMed CPAP for 6 years. When it was replaced the provider used a Phillips which became very noisy after 6 months. I switched back to the ResMed AirSense 10 and I am happy again. Very quiet.
2 years ago
5 of 5 Stars!
Pamela B
Bought my AirSense 10 from Respshop.com and it is actually better than the one im using now. This one has lots of features, comes with a built in humidifier which helps with my sore throat and dry mouth is a plus, wireless communication which makes it easier for me to share my usage history and leak rate data and other information to my physician without having to leave the house. It also have the Auto Ramp feature which is great, and good thing with this device it can also detect if I have my mask fitted properly or if it needed an adjustment. Giving it 5 star since I have had a restful night!!!
10 years ago
5 of 5 Stars!
Sherri K
Just purchased my Resmed AirSense 10 recently and been in heaven. I am very impressed with this machine, it comes with built in humidifier and wireless modem makes it easy and flexible for me transferring or sharing my sleep apnea data or information to my physician without having to go see her. And if you don't want your machine to keep record you can put your machine on airplane mode and the device wont keep track of your data settings.
This machine can also detect if your mask is fitted properly or if you need to make adjustments which is perfect. Other than that machine is very cute and lightweight easy and convenient for my travels.
10 years ago
5 of 5 Stars!
Michael A
nice machine from resmed, Ive been using my S9 elite machine for a long period of time and i really like it, this time i bought the Airsense machine from Respshop and its kind of my S9 Elite a good back up for me since the airsense has a lot of feature compare to S9 Elite like detection of central sleep apneas and Cheyne-Stokes respiration, wireless communications to the provider and get the data from the machine, but you can turn the Airplane mode On to take privacy on your data, it also has the AutoRamp Feature that help me a lot, the machine sense if i already slept then it will automatically ramps up base on my setting, and it works fine for my N10 nasal mask.

i will recommend this machine and this Respshop.com website
10 years ago
4 of 5 Stars!
Christopher C Verified Purchase
Subject: ResMed Airsense 10 Elite
This machine is very quiet and is easy to use. It’s lightweight and compact. I only wish it had a larger water reservoir. Other than that i am very satisfied with my machine.
2 years ago
4 of 5 Stars!
Precy Q
This has been the best purchased for me ever, this machine has everything that im looking for my sleep apnea therapy. It comes with a built in humidifier which is a big help for my nasal congestion and sore throat. And the good thing about this device is that it includes a wireless modem where I can share data to my care provider. Don't even look like a medical device good for traveling.
10 years ago
2 of 5 Stars!
Terry L Verified Purchase
I have had this machine for 2 1/2 years now and have had it in for service twice. Resmed wants $457 to repair since it is 6 months out of warranty. The machine was very quiet when it was new and worked as it should.

I am so sorry to hear this. Repairs can be very expensive, why we try to keep the cost down on new machines. Let me know if I can help at any time. Ellie, Respshop Warranty department.

3 years ago
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