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The Importance of a Personal Oximeter

The Importance of a Personal Oximeter

Getting treatment for sleep apnea is such an important step to take for your health. But after you've seen the doctor, so much of the actual treatment falls on your shoulders. After all, the time when your treatment takes place is at night while you're asleep, which isn't exactly conducive to undergoing treatment with a doctor present. So how can you be sure that you're completing your treatments correctly and, more importantly, that they're safe for your personal health?

One way to improve your sleep apnea treatments is to use pulse oximetry. Unlike polysomnography, which has to be performed in a sleep laboratory, you can use oximetry at home. It's an easy and low-cost way to keep tabs on your own sleep apnea treatment without having to stay overnight in a lab. At Resp Shop, we offer a variety of portable pulse oximeters that allow you to take your own readings quickly and accurately. These non-invasive devices are designed with the home user in mind. For example, the AG Industries Six-Way Color LED Pulse Oximeter features a compact, lightweight design that's easy to carry along with an easy-to-read bi-color OLED display. You'll get the benefits of pulse oximetry right from the comfort of your own home.

Some of the newest pulse oximeter models are even including high-tech advances to further improve your treatment The S9™ Oximeter Adapter is a great example. This device works with the NONIN Xpod Oximeter to offer enhanced performance when it comes to your oximetry results. One of its standout features is an included SD card. This gives you the flexibility to read your information on your PC rather than on a smaller display on the active oximeter. Plus, it makes it so easy to share your information with your healthcare provider or physician.

If you're wondering what type of oximeter is best for you and how to implement it on a practical level at home, consult your doctor. You'll be able to go over the various features you'll want to look for in an oximeter. Many people start out with a AirSense/AirCurve Complete Oximetry Kit that includes all the accessories they'll need for quick oximetry readings. You might also look into accessories like the Air 10 Oximetry Module, which connects an Xpod Oximeter to the AirSense 10.

As for implementing the use of your oximeter, that's something your doctor can explain to you in detail. While the oximeters are fairly easy to use, it's important to understand how to adjust your treatments based on your readings. Your doctor can tell you what your ideal oxygen saturation levels are and how to adjust your oxygen flow according to the results of your oximeter readings. Generally, you'll be aiming for over 90 percent oxygen saturation, but it's important to talk to your doctor before you actually start pairing your CPAP treatments with an oximeter.

Resp Shop has everything you need to get started with oximetry. Check out our lineup of oximeters and accessories to learn more.