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Displaying 1 to 20 (of 44 products)

If you are a CPAP user, you are well aware of the many benefits of adding a heated humidifier to your unit - preventing dry mouth, nasal congestion, burning nasal passages and more. There are many components of a humidifier and sometimes they get worn out or break and need to be replaced. We offer all your replacement parts, including water chambers, side covers, heated tube upgrade kits, air tube couplers, hoses, chamber sealing gaskets, adjustment arm bars and more. Periodically check your humidifier to make sure it is working properly and if you notice one of the components needs to be replaced, shop RespShop's extensive assortment of quality parts. Our inventory is filled with only the most trusted brands in the industry - Fisher & Paykel, ResMed, Respironics, APEX Medical and more.

One of the most important parts of your humidifier is its water chamber. The water chamber is what holds the water that will be used by your heated humidifier. These chambers may become discolored, cracked, cloudy or even pitted over time due to frequent use and minerals present in water (distilled water is recommended for use in all CPAP humidifiers). Replace them as soon as you notice any damage to prevent harmful bacteria from becoming trapped in the cracks. If you have lost or damaged your chamber's lid, find your replacement in our inventory. Have you noticed that water is leaking from the lid? Check to make sure that the gasket that wraps around the cover is not broken or warped.

If you find that your CPAP machine's heated humidifier is not working properly or is no longer helping prevent dryness, congestion and other troublesome side effects, it may be a sign that parts need to be replaced. If you have any questions, or if a part that you need is not shown, please contact us for a special order or for assistance.