CPAP Mask Replacement Headgear

Masks are made up of three major parts: the frame, the cushion, and the headgear. Headgear is the part that holds the mask in place. All masks have headgear. The headgear is directly related to the size and model of the mask. CPAP mask headgear is made to be adjustable so you can rest easy while also benefiting from sleep apnea therapy. But like with most soft materials, your headgear will wear out over time. Even normal use will eventually cause the straps to loosen up, stretch out, or fray over time. You may eventually need to pull the straps so tight that your headgear is uncomfortable to wear and it's a lot harder to sleep when you're uncomfortable. There is no exact timeline on when headgear needs to be replaced, but if you are noticing wear and tear, then check out's replacement CPAP mask headgear to wrap around your head at night.

The headgears today are soft, comfortable and as light as possible, to encourage compliance. Your mask must be comfortable for daily usage. Never over-tighten your headgear. Once your mask is fitted, you should be able to run your fingers easily between the straps and your face and head. Overtightening can actually cause leaks and will leave marks on your face each morning. The headgear is specific to the mask and is not interchangeable. Headgear can be washed as needed and hung to dry. The headgear should be replaced every 6 months to a year. This depends on the wear of every individual user.

We have a number of CPAP supplies in our inventory of more than 1,300 products, and we know replacements are just as important as original parts. Find nasal mask headgear, nasal pillow mask headgear, and full face mask headgear that comes directly from the original mask manufacturers. With brands such as Fisher & Paykel, Circadiance, ResMed, and APEX Medical in stock, high-quality sleep apnea devices for your face mask are readily available. Replacing headgear will give your mask a better seal and better fit, improving CPAP machine therapy without feeling like you're squeezing your own head. Cleaning your replacement headgear weekly in mildly soapy water will remove body oils and debris to further extend its lifespan. has been dedicated to home and clinical sleep therapy solutions since 2009, and our CPAP supplies offer personalized options so you can always find something right for you. If your mask isn't what it used to be, a CPAP mask headgear replacement could be all you need to enjoy uninterrupted nighttime breathing again. If you are uncertain of the name of your mask, go to the specific mask’s page and look under "parts" or contact us, our experienced staff will help you find the right product by phone or email. And when you order from us, you know you will be getting the lowest possible price, so you don't have to work all day just to sleep all night.