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CPAP Mask Cushion Replacements

Cushions & Pillows

A comfortable, well-fitting CPAP mask is essential if you want the get the most out of your CPAP machine sleep therapy. However, it is also important to periodically replace the cushions and nasal pillows to maintain performance. The oils in your skin, tension from holding to your face and the shifting of frequent sleep movers can cause the soft cushion material to degrade and crack over time. People have unique facial structures as well, and you may find the cushion that came with your mask isn't an ideal fit no matter how much you adjust it. Either situation calls for a new cushion insert from so you get maximum airflow as you snooze.

We carry a huge selection of mask cushion replacements and nasal pillow replacements for CPAP masks so you can find the right match. Swapping out that ratty old cushion for a brand new one is a simple way to renew the tight seal over your mouth and/or nose, which reduces leaks, increases comfort and improves the overall effectiveness of your machine. If you or a loved one uses a full face CPAP mask, oral CPAP mask, nasal CPAP mask or nasal pillow CPAP mask, click on the appropriate section below to see everything we have to offer. Cushions and pillows are available for every major brand and model - often in multiple sizes.

Most manufacturers recommend replacing cushions and pillows for CPAP masks every 30 days due to the normal wear and tear associated with frequent use . When you need to stock up on replacement cushions, our low prices and fast shipping mean you can do so without losing sleep over the cost. Whether you need a ResMed N20 nasal CPAP mask cushion, a Philips Respironics Amara full face mask cushion or a Fisher & Paykel CPAP mask pillow replacement, you can find them and more at Begin your search today or call us toll-free Monday through Friday for expert product and ordering assistance.