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The Benefits of CPAP Rentals

The Benefits of CPAP Rentals

Do you need a CPAP machine but are not ready to make a purchase? A CPAP machine rental is a smart alternative to buying. Maybe you're going on vacation and you want a more compact unit to bring along. Perhaps your CPAP machine is getting repaired and you need a replacement CPAP on a temporary basis. Renting a CPAP machine is also a great way to try out the device, if you're not sure what type of equipment will work best for you.

Our CPAP rental program features brand new machines, and the rental period is 35 days. You can rent an automatic CPAP machine, a fixed-pressure CPAP or a bi-level unit. Every machine includes new tubing and filters, and each device is hygienically sanitized before we ship it to you. The machine will also include a heated humidifier for added comfort.

If you wish to extend the rental, you can purchase an additional 35-day period without having to pay another deposit fee.