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Swift FX - Nasal Pillow Mask by Resmed

Swift FX - Nasal Pillow Mask by Resmed

Swift FX - Nasal Pillow Mask by Resmed
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Swift FX - Nasal Pillow Mask by Resmed Swift FX - Nasal Pillow Mask by Resmed Swift FX - Nasal Pillow Mask by Resmed Swift FX - Nasal Pillow Mask by Resmed
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Flexible and Lightweight Nasal CPAP Mask

The ResMed Swift FX Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask with Headgear is a top of the line CPAP mask. A mask that is quiet, light, travel-friendly, and was designed for maximum comfort. You will notice how unobtrusive the headgear is.
It allows you to sleep in all positions, while the enhanced pillows provide you with a comfortable and secure fit. In fact, you can even adjust the headgear to fit your personal facial contours! This ResMed nasal pillow mask is easy to apply, making it one of the most convenient sleep apnea therapy masks on the market.

Small Design

Keeping with the quality of all ResMed products CPAP users will be able to tell right away this mask is not like most. The Swift FX CPAP Nasal Pillow Mask is small and noninvasive with silicon headgear straps that are comfortable and cushioned so they won't rub against your face while you sleep. With narrow straps and frame not interfering with your line of sight, it offers you an unimpeded view while you have the mask on.
If you like watching TV in bed we have good news for you! The Swift FX does not obstruct vision while you are wearing it. It gives you a sense of freedom to fall asleep on your terms. In fact, it may even allow you to forget about your mask even while wearing it.
Our knowledgeable customer service also highly recommends its sister mask- The Swift FX Bella Gray - for an even more minimal design.

Comfortable Pillows Allow You to Sleep on Your Side

ResMed designed the Swift FX's nasal pillows with your comfort in mind. The pillows have dual-wall flaps that are both flexible and supportive. This means they give you a super soft fit. The Swift FX Nasal Pillow system is state of the art and extremely comfortable. This is thanks to its silky silicon design!
An outer wall will fit snugly on your face and the adjustable straps are built to accommodate tossing and turning. This allows the user to get a good night's sleep in whatever position they find most relaxing. Stomach and side sleepers will find this mask is a great option for them due to these design elements.
Nasal pillow cushions sized small, medium, and large are included.

Easy Fitting Headgear

Like the CPAP nose pillow mask itself, the headgear is easy to assemble and take off. Thanks to its streamlined design this mask adjusts fairly easy to the user. The Swift FX covers a wide fit range due to it's adjustable. Whether you have large features, small features, or anything in between, this mask is sure to adjust to you.
The silicone-based headgear has only two points of adjustment: an easy to operate buckle on top of your head, and a simple Velcro strap that rests near the back of your neck. Tightening or loosening the headgear takes just a second, so you'll be able to settle in for the night with minimal hassle. You can even adjust the mask and then slip it off in a moment’s notice for that late-night bathroom break!

Flexible Short Tube

A short tube connects securely to the mask. It can be easily disconnected from the main nasal mask by squeezing the silicon around it and gently pulling it out of its socket. This makes for easy cleaning as you can wash the tubing, rinse and just hang it up to dry!
Capable of rotating a full 365 degrees it accommodates for freedom of movement while the CPAP users sleeps. The accordion style tubing is made to flex easily and is quite lightweight. For those who toss and turn in their sleep this is a great feature to have on hand, so you do not get caught up in your tubing as you sleep.
The short tube connects to standard tubing, so to use this mask a CPAP user must have a standard tube connected to the mask first to be able to run their CPAP machine.

Key Features

  • Super Quiet - Only 25 decibels!
  • Flexible Tube
  • Two-way adjustable straps
  • Comfortable Nasal Pillows in small, medium, and large
  • Add Soft Wraps for Enhanced Comfort for Her Models available

Mask Material

Components Headgear - Silicone Elastomer
Nasal Pillow - Silicone Elastomer
Back Strap - Open Cell Polyurethane/ Spandex/ Nylon
Elbow Swivel - Polycarbonate
Elbow - Polypropylene
Swivel Assembly - Polypropylene/ Polycarbonate
Short Tube - Thermoplastic Polyester Elastomer
Soft Wraps - Nylon/ Lycra

Mask Sizing

Short Tube Length Not Including the Swivel and Cuffs Approximately 13.25 Inches
Backstrap Length 16.5 Inches
Backstrap Width 3/4 Inch

Reviewers Tip:

  • The short tube assemblies for the Swift FX Nasal Pillow Mask and the Swift FX Nano are interchangeable.
  • 61500 Mask includes: 61529 Headgear, 61512 Frame, 61521 Pillow - Small, 61522 Pillow - Medium, 61523 Pillow - Large

ResMed Swift FX: Mask Fitting Guide and Overview


Will this mask fit faces of all sizes?
The Swift CPAP mask comes with small, medium, and large nasal pillows that will accommodate most faces. ResMed also makes a For Her model of the Swift FX that will fit petite facial structures.
How should I wash my mask?
At RespShop, we recommend that you wash your mask with light dish soap and a damp cloth. Distilled water is ideal but not necessary. We also recommend using a clear soap if you clean your CPAP equipment with a cleaning machine such as the So Clean or Sleep 8.
Does this Mask Work Well with Higher CPAP Air Pressures?
We do not recommend this mask for high-pressure use. This is because nasal pillows can make the pressure seem more intense.

© ResMed 2019 Used with Permission.

© ResMed 2020 Used with Permission.

Size Gauge

Technical Data

  HCPCS CodeA7034/A7035
  Warranty90 days
  Extra FeaturesPressure range 4-40 cm H20

Item Includes

  • Headgear
  • Frame
  • Pillow - Sml, Med, Lge
  • Set of Soft Wraps


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