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ResMed Swift FX Mask Soft Wraps

Model: 61530
ResMed Swift FX Mask Soft Wraps
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$15.00   $9.45
No Prescription Required

Comfortable Soft Wraps Replacements for Swift FX Headgear

The Soft Wrap is the padding that goes under the Swift FX silicone headgear piece. If you've lost or worn out your current Wraps, or want to have a replacement on hand, pick up a spare today!

Comes With Left Side and Right Side Strap

The package comes with a padded strap for each side of your Swift FX mask.  
The wraps are measured from end-to-end is approximately 5 inches each.

Increased Comfort

ResMed's Soft Wraps are a comfortable addition to the FX Quattro CPAP mask. The cloth padding rests comfortably against your cheekbones and reduces red marks.

For Her

ResMed also makes

  • Pink-colored Soft Wraps

  • Key Features

    • Prevents Headgear From Slipping
    • Great Replacement for Worn Out Wraps
    • Can Be Worn Under Top Strap Too
  • Reviewers Tip:

    Wash the wraps periodically to extend their lifespan.

    How to Fit the Swift FX CPAP Mask


    Can these pads be used on the top strap too?

    Yes, some users have reported that the Soft Wraps are a comfortable addition to the top strap of the headgear as well.

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