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AirTouch F20 Full Face CPAP Mask - ResMed

AirTouch F20 Full Face CPAP Mask - ResMed
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AirTouch F20 Full Face CPAP Mask - ResMed
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by Mark K
Date Added: Sunday 07 June, 2020
I have been a CPAP patient for more than 15 years and I was excited when I ordered the F20 mask. Unfortunately my excitement did not last long. I use a ResMed AirSense 10 CPAP machine with automatic pressure adjustment. During the first 3 nights the pressure would self adjust to between 15 and 17 cm H2O which was strong enough to cause my mask to lift off of my face. Adjusting the mask straps resulted in either being too loose because of a poor seal or too tight which hurt my face. In either case, the number of sleep apnea events more than doubled. After 5 nights, I stopped wearing the F20 mask and went back to my Philips Respironics Dreamwear nasal mask. The seal became perfect and the number of sleep apnea events dropped below 5.

Thankfully, Respshop has honored their 30 day guarantee. I have been purchasing items from Respshop for a few years and I will continue to do so. Their customer service is the best.

by Jerry L
Date Added: Sunday 19 January, 2020
I have tried many masks but the F/20 Airtouch is awesome. This mask is so comfortable I hate to take it off,

by Jose D
Date Added: Wednesday 01 January, 2020

by Tammy N
Date Added: Thursday 17 October, 2019
I loved how soft the mask seal was at first. Super comfortable when I tried it on the first time. The seal is so soft that it leaked easily when I moved waking me up often. I could rarely make it through a night without having to take it off so I could get some sleep-defeating the whole purpose. Also, it was so soft that it did not last long. The seal around the bridge of my nose split open pushing the hard plastic into my face wearing the bridge of my nose bloody. I love the soft seal, but there's got to be a way to get the pressure off the bridge of the nose and maintain a seal.

by Haagenstad H
Date Added: Wednesday 19 June, 2019
Mask is a 5.. Headgear a 3. VELCRO does not hold good. Always comming loose. Fix the VELCRO... Love the mask tho.

by Stephonie W
Date Added: Sunday 24 February, 2019
I was very apprehensive about trying a new cpap mask. I have tried quite the variety over the years and felt like I was never going to find something that was going to work really well. I felt resigned to masks with silicone cushions that leak and don't fit my face well. I am between a medium and a small so I managed with the Quattro Fx. After researching the Airtouch F20 Full Face Mask I decided it was worth the risk. I was so surprised! Night after night I had no leaks. Usually an Fx cushion would last 2 or 3 nights before some leak would develop. I have had this mask for nearly 2 months. I have found that a slight amount of air will escape occasionally but nothing that a little adjusting doesn't fix. I wish that there were a better way to determine if the mask fits prior to purchasing. I am still between a small and a medium for this particular mask. I wish I had gotten the small. The mask is longer from the bridge of the nose to below the mouth and it sits really close to my eyes.

Displaying 1 to 6 (of 16 reviews)