ResMed S9 CPAP ClimateLine Heated Tubing
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ResMed S9 CPAP ClimateLine Heated Tubing

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Climate-Controlled Tubing for the ResMed S9

Delivering consistent temperate and humidity levels, the S9 ClimateLine heated tubing is designed using an intelligent algorithm to provide maximum comfort during CPAP therapy sessions. Thanks to its heated tubing, ClimateLine reduces tube and mask condensation preventing rainout for S9 CPAP users without reducing mask flexibility that can lead to mask drag. The ClimateLine heated tubing is compatible with any ResMed S9 CPAP device.

Key Features

  • Heated tubing - Reduces mask condensation that can lead to rainout
  • Regulates humidity - Outside temperatures have no effect on the temperature inside the tube, automatically adjusting to the temperature in the room to deliver consistent performance
  • Increased flexibility - Increases comfort while sleeping without the threat of dragging the mask

Reviewers Tip:
Be careful when extracting the tube from the CPAP mask for daily cleaning, as tugging too hard could tear the tube at the bottom. Cleaning is easy and should be done every day so that you don't have any unwanted build-ups in your tube. In order for the best results, I would look into some tube cleaning materials.

Connecting the ClimateLine Tubing to a ResMed S9


Will the temperature in my room have any effect on the temperature in my tube and mask?
Thanks to the ClimateLine technology, all temperature is measured at the mask and therefore will always remain at your preferred setting no matter what the ambient temperatures are like in the area in which you house your ResMed S9 CPAP device.

Will I still have the full flexibility that I had with another tubing?
The ClimateLine tube is lightweight and small which increases the flexibility of similar tubes from older models. The end result is that you will receive a more comfortable night's sleep and significantly reduce any mask drag that had caused you any discomfort with CPAP masks in the past.

What's the easiest way to clean my tube and prevent any moisture build-up?
We recommend hanging the tube up in a dry area daily, but in order to fully remove any gunk from inside the tube you should look into purchasing a Stainless Stem CPAP Tube Brush that allows you to scrub the inside of your tube with minimal effort, increasing the tubes' lifespan and benefiting your health.

Review By Anne G. RPSGT, RST

Registered Sleep Therapist
Registered Polysomnographic Technologist for Respshop

Why do you need a heated CPAP hose?
The main reason for a heated hose is to avoid moisture build-up in the CPAP tube.
If you use a fan at night or if your bed is near a window, sometimes the moisture from the humidifier can condense and pool in the hose before it gets to your airway.
When this happens, it can wake you up by creating a loud popping sound as the air blows past the water, and in some cases can cause what we refer to as "rain out" where the water starts to splash onto your face or pour into your nose.
The heated hose insulates the air from the cooler temperatures in your room to avoid this.
You can also adjust the heat in the hose for your comfort making this a great option for the standard hose!

Model 36995
HCPCS Code A4604
Length 6ft 6in
Pressure Range 25 cm H2O
Dimensions 6ft 6in long, 15mm inner diameter
Weight 6.5 oz

HCPCS Code: A7037

Desi H 06/12/2014
5 of 5 Stars!

Woooo finally I found a tubing that doesn't have rainout! I was so worried about buying another tubing that claims there's no leakage, but with this tubing I've been very pleased. Also I like the fact that the temperature stays the same because I like warm air to be blowing at all times so that's a plus as well. Lets just say this is the best tubing I've came across so far!

Pearl H 10/29/2014
3 of 5 Stars!

Finally, no more rainout for me and gives me the comfort I needed during my CPAP therapy. During the cold weather it doesn't affect the temperature inside my tubing, and I have been getting the most comfortable sleep with the warm air blowing all the time during my therapy. Thanks Resmed!!!!

Kieren M 07/14/2012
5 of 5 Stars!

The Resmed Climate Line for the S9 is so alswome, no more rain outs in winter and can sleep comfort with warm air. And reduces the chance of catching colds, while everyone else breaths in the cold night air

The S9 is so much better than any other models I have tried.

Shao-Jung Y 12/30/2012
5 of 5 Stars!

It can control the temperature of the intake air to improve my nose allergy attack.Breathing very comfortable

John L(Verified Purchase) 08/13/2019
5 of 5 Stars!

i Always get extremely fast shipping from Respshop. Quality is perfect as well.

Yves R(Verified Purchase) 06/20/2018
5 of 5 Stars!

My wife is using the products. This is working very well.

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Does this tubing fit the F30 mask.
Hi yes it will. Here is a video to watch to help you if you have any issues. Thank you
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