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ResMed SlimLine Tubing Wrap

Model: 36811
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No Prescription Required

SlimLine Tubing Wrap for CPAP Machines

The SlimLine tubing is ResMed's customized hose cover for their S9 CPAP machines. The tubing is made of nylon and it zips up easily to wrap around the hose. The wrap helps to insulate the hose from the room's temperature and humidity, helping you get an uninterrupted night's sleep.

Reduces Rainout

The SlimLine Tubing Wrap aids your 5Hi Humidifier. The tubing helps to insulate the tube connecting the humidifier and the mask, which will ultimately work to reduce rainout and ease your nasal congestion.

Key Features

  • Use with SlimeLine and ClimateLine Tubes
  • Long Lasting
  • Enhances Your Sleep Quality

Reviewers Tip:

The ClimateLine Tube is longer than the SlimLine tube by about seven inches. The Tubing Wrap is compatible with both, but it will not completely cover the ClimateLine.



How long will it take to attach the wrap to the tube?

It should zip up in seconds.

Does this product come with the SlimLine hose?

No, this is just the Tube Wrap.


  • Any 15mm diameter CPAP tubing with 6ft length

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