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CPAP Hose Lift
Model: 1250

CPAP Hose Lift
CPAP Hose Lift CPAP Hose Lift CPAP Hose Lift CPAP Hose Lift
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CPAP Hose Lift Optimizes Comfort in CPAP Therapy

The CPAP Hose Lift (v5.5) helps you get the most out of your sleep apnea therapy without compromising on quality. The Hose Lift suspends your hose above your head, and winds it around your bed back to the machine. Made of aluminum, the hose is light and compact, suitable for use in your home or while you travel.


The Hose Lift has an extremely narrow support frame, small enough to fit between your bed frame and mattress. The base of the stand is designed to fit between your box springs and mattress, and the entire adjustable system is just three feet long fully extended, small enough to fit in any room.


To use the Hose Lift, thread the hose through the Loop and position it in such a way that it won't dangle on top of you. Ensure that you have enough room to toss and turn without dislodging the Hose Lift from its place. Simply connect your hose to the mask and machine for easy use!

Key Features

  • Works With Any Hose
  • Small enough For All Rooms
  • Ideal For Patients Who Dislike CPAP Hoses

Reviewers Tip:

For patients who dislike the feel of their hose, or those who dislodge their mask when they toss and turn, the Hose Lift is an ideal supply for increasing comfort.


What is the adjustment range on the Hose Lift's height?

The Hose Lift stretches up to three feet tall.

Can I use this with any hose?

Yes, although it will be much easier to use with hoses that are longer than two or three feet.

SKU: 361