Devilbiss IntelliPAP Bi-Level Machine

For Reference Only
w Hum+$80.00
w Hum & Heated Tube+$130.00
w Hum & SmartLink+$160.00
No Hum
Please choose a Humidifier.
Prescription Required

  • IntelliPAP BiLevel Machine
  • Heated Humidifier
  • Carrying Case
  • Six Foot Hose
  • Eight Foot Power Cord
  • Reusable Foam Filter
  • Disposable Fine Filter
  • Users Manual
  • Clinical Quick Set-Up Guide

Devilbiss DV55D series BiLevel was discontinued. RespShop recommends Philips Respironics DreamStation BiPAP.

Exceptional BiLevel Therapy Machine for Sleep Apnea Therapy

Part of the DeVilbiss DV series of CPAP and BiPAP machines, the DV55D is a BiLEVEL machine that will deliver exceptional therapy for CPAP users in need of higher pressures than traditional CPAP machines. As with all DeVilbiss machines, the DV55D offers a five year warranty, the best warranty in the industry for BiPAP and CPAP machines. SmartCode technology gives the user a way to review and analyze their sleep apnea therapy data without being forced to purchase any type of software that other manufacturers may require with their CPAP machines. You can purchase the IntelliPAP DV55D with a heated humidifier for bonus comfort and reduced rain out during CPAP therapy in extreme temperatures.

Flow Rounding

During your therapy you may have abrupt changes in your IPAP and EPAP pressures, flow rounding will smooth out these changes to maximize the compliance of your CPAP machine while also increasing comfort. BiLevel therapy generally requires higher pressures in order to perform at its peak level, soft start will slowly increase pressure until it reaches the set IPAP pressure level, totaling 10 seconds, which will be easier on the user

Heated Humidifier(Optional)

CPAP humidification is a bonus comfort feature for therapy users who experience a dry mouth or dry nasal region amongst other side effects after undergoing therapy. These effects can be irritating for all CPAP users, and humidifiers will improve your CPAP comfort. The IntelliPAP DV55D comes with a built in heated humidifier and will help negate the ambient temperatures in the room in which you undergo your sleep apnea therapy.


You can read and analyze your CPAP therapy data after use on the easy to read and navigate LCD screen. Your information will be updated daily after CPAP therapy. Your doctor can change your pressure settings and adjust your therapy based upon these readouts. You can also purchase SmartLink software as an optional add on if you want to be able to review your history on a home PC.

Ergonomic Design

The DeVilbiss DV55D is one of the quietest BiLevel machines available for purchase and its size will allow for it to rest on a bedside table without taking up inordinate amount of space. The LCD screen is bright and easy to read and use, and the controls are larger than most BiPAP machines making navigating through your machine easy.

Automatic On and Off CPAP Mask Feature

When you breathe into your mask, the machine will automatically begin, and when you remove your CPAP mask the machine will automatically turn off.

Travel Friendly CPAP Machine

The size of this machine, along with the automatic altitude adjustment feature makes this machine great for CPAP users who are on the go.

Key Features

  • Flow Rounding - Smooths abrupt changes between IPAP and EPAP pressure
  • SmartCode - Read and analyze your data right off the LCD screen
  • Heated Humidifier - Integrated humidifier reduces footprint and common CPAP irritations increasing comfort
  • Ergonomic Design - Incredibly quiet with a small footprint perfect paired with easy to navigate LCD screen
  • Automatic On and Off CPAP Mask Feature - Start or stop therapy by breathing into your mask or removing it
  • Portable - Compact and lightweight features make the IntelliPAP a perfect travel companion
  • Ramp Feature - Starts pressure at lower levels and gently increases pressure to prescribed settings over a 45min window in 5min increments
  • Automatic Altitude Compensation - Automatically adjusts pressure to varying altitude conditions up to 9000ft


Reviewers Tip:

If you choose to use a humidifier for your BiPAP machine, you should always use distilled water to reduce the mineral build up in your water chamber. You should also replace the water in your chamber daily in order to ensure that it is fresh at all times during sleep apnea therapy.

How to choose the right SmartLink package for you

DV55D & SmartLink option

For those who require submission of their BiLevel therapy data to a physician or Dr. please choose the DV55D & SmartLink option. This price includes the IntelliPAP AutoBilevel CPAP Machine and DeVilbiss SmartLink Module and Data Card . This package does not include software.

DV55D SmartLink & Software Disc option

For those who require direct access to their BiLevel therapy data please choose the DV55D and Software Disc option. This price includes the IntelliPAP AutoBilevel CPAP Machine and DeVilbiss SmartLink Patient Therapy Management System . This package includes software.


Where can I purchase replacement filters for my DeVilbiss IntelliPAP BiLevel?

We sell all of the necessary replacement parts for your DV55D BiPAP machine, including filters and humidifier parts. You can find all of the filters here.

What kind of mask do I need for this machine?

DeVilbiss, along with all of the manufacturers of CPAP machines and CPAP masks have standardized all of the fittings so that you can purchase any type of mask from any manufacturer of your choice. Mask sizes and types are all different and so DeVilbiss has designed this BiPAP to give you the freedom to choose the type of mask that you think is most comfortable during sleep apnea therapy.

ModelDV55D-HH, DV55D, DV55D-HH-S, DV55D-HH-HT
HCPCS CodeE0470, E0562, A9279
ManufacturerDrive Medical
Basic Features
Warranty5-year warranty on IntelliPAP AutoBilevel
Weight4.45 lbs
Dimensions6.4" H x 6.5" W x 8.4" D
Pressure Features
Pressure Range3-25 cm H20 (0.5 increments)
Ramp0-45 mins in 5 min increments and 0.5 increments for pressure
Starting Ramp Pressure4 cm up to CPAP pressure, user-adjustable

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my machine and reduce the pressure sometimes works fitfully what to do to return to factory settings
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if we purchase in usa whether it works in india due to higher voltage lectricity
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