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This product is discontinued. See the latest model of AirCurve 10 VPAP ST .

The VPAP III ST-A is a tried and true VPAP product from ResMed, designed to meet the needs of sleep apnea sufferers. ResMed's commitment to innovation and excellence in the CPAP industry ensures their VPAP delivers excellent results, with the comfort and ease of use expected from an industry leader. The ResMed VPAP III ST-A provides a host of unique features. Vsync Technology and TiControl work in unison to deliver unparalleled leak compensation and repository controls, while Real-Time and Smart Data provide hard data designed to maximize results.

Vsync Technology

Vsync technology is unique to ResMed's VPAP products and provides unmatched, automatic leak compensation. VPAP III ST-A with Vsync Technology employs a sophisticated algorithm to track and adjust for any mask leakage, while simultaneously improving comfort and enhancing therapy.


TiControl provides total control over respiratory settings ensuring complete synchronization between user and machine. Those with Sleep Apnea can rest easy knowing that TiControl is flexible enough to work effectively despite large leaks and distinct respiratory disorders.

Real-time via LCD Screen

Real-time provides visual and accessible data designed to maximize convenience for user and healthcare provider alike. The ResMed VPAP III ST-A is able to record up to 30 nights of comprehensive data to ensure precise, accessible results.

Smart Data

Smart Data brings information to life with an innovative program that monitors and displays overnight usage and mask fit data. Users can store up to 5 night data profiles and easily acquire a year's worth of therapy data.

Key Features

  • Optional HumidAire2i - Seamlessly attaches to device, alleviates side effects such as dry throat and nasal passages
  • Extensive data collection and management - Ensures health providers are able to monitor and manage your therapy with actionable data
  • TiControl and Vsync - Provides unmatched leak compensation and complete synchronization between user and machine

Reviewers Tip:

ResMed's VPAP III ST-A offers a switch-mode power supply that ensures hassle free international travel

This Product is Discontinued


How many modes does VPAP III ST-A have?

The VPAP III ST-A offers four modes, CPAP, S, ST, Times

How heavy is the VPAP III ST-A?

The VPAP III ST-A is relatively light, weighing in at 5.1lbs (2.3kgs), making it easy to carry.

What filters does VPAP III ST-A use?

VPAP III ST-A uses two-layered, powder-bonded, and polyester non-woven fibre.

Technical Data
Item Includes

Package Contents


  • VPAP III ST-A front view
  • Power cord
  • Carry bag
  • 6’6" air tubing
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