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DreamWear Full Face Mask - Philips Respironics

DreamWear Full Face Mask - Philips Respironics

1133400, 1133375, 1133376, 1133377, 1133378, 1133390, 1133391, 1133392, 1133393
DreamWear Full Face Mask - Philips Respironics
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DreamWear Full Face Mask - Philips Respironics DreamWear Full Face Mask - Philips Respironics DreamWear Full Face Mask - Philips Respironics DreamWear Full Face Mask - Philips Respironics
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DreamWear Full Face Mask - Philips Respironics 

The Philips DreamWear Full Face mask is everything a CPAP user could want in a mask! It is light weight, easy to remove, and fits comfortably.

Some of the Important key features include; the cushion that cradles the nose while softly encompassing the mouth, and the air vent which filters air toward the front. The DreamWear full face CPAP can also be easily assembled and disassembled for cleaning.

Hose Connection

With this innovative design, air flow is seamlessly filtered through the frame allowing the user to sleep in every position. The hose connection is placed at the top of the head, and swivels which allows the user to turn naturally and is great for side sleepers.

Under-The-Nose Design

Normal full face CPAP masks leave red marks and irritation on the nose bridge. However, with the DreamWear's innovative, under-the-nose design you can breathe comfortably without ridged plastic pressing into the bridge of the nose!

Open field of vision

With no bulky headgear covering the forehead of your face, but rather going over the crown of your head, you have an open field of vision. This allows you to easily wear your glasses or watch TV in bed.

Magnetic Quick Release Clips

The magnetic quick release clips makes this mask a great option for those who have limited hand motion. There will be no more difficulties in the middle of the night when you need to take off your mask, as it is super easy to take off and put back on again.

DreamWear Full Face Features:

  • Magnetic Quick Release Clips
  • Frontal Air Vents
  • Light and Sturdy design
  • Top-Of-Head Swivel Elbow
  • Smooth and Flexible Frame
  • In Frame Air flow
  • Simple Fit
  • Interchangeable Cushions
  • Adjustable Headgear
  • Easy to clean

Mix & Switch It Up!

Whether you are new to CPAP or simply have not found the perfect sleep apnea mask for you, the DreamWear line is a great place to find a mask that works. All cushions in this line can be interchanged with the existing frame to save you time and money in your search for comfort; Available cushion options include the full face, nasal, and nasal pillow cushions.

*Please be aware that the full face needs a separate headgear to function, while the nasal and nasal pillow cushions have their own headgear.

**Please also be aware that sizing from one mask to another does not always translate. To be sure of your size remember to check out each mask’s sizing gauge located on the tab “Size Gauge” above.

Full Face mask assembly:
Headgear - 1133450,
Full Face Cushion of selected size - S(1133430), M(1133431), L(1133432) and MW(1133433),
Mask Frame: S(1116745), M(1116746), and L(1116747).

Nasal mask assembly:
Headgear - 1116750,
Nasal Cushion - S(1116740), M(1116743), L(1116742),
Mask Frame - S(1116745), M(1116746), and L(1116747).

Nasal Pillow mask assembly:
Headgear - 1116750,
Nasal Pillow Cushion - S(1125035), M(1125036), L(1125037),
Mask Frame - S(1116745), M(1116746), and L(1116747).

Frame Sizes:
Small Frame length: 19 in.
Medium Frame length: 20 in.
Large Frame length: 22 in.

DreamWear Full Face Mask Fitting

  1. Hold the gauge horizontally under your nose and select the cushion size based on where the outer edge of your nostrils and tip of your nose contact the gauge. A mirror or another person may assist with sizing.
  2. The cushion opening will be directly under your nostrils. The cushion will hug your nose and mouth, and leak will be minimal.
  3. At no time should your nose be inside of the cushion opening. If any part of the cushion overlaps your nose, the cushion is being worn incorrectly. A different size cushion may be needed.

The CPAP mask with headgear comes in a fitPack option with a medium frame and four cushion sizes. If you are unsure on what cushion size you need, this is the best option. The small medium frame is the most popular frame size.

DreamStation Mask Type and System One Resistance Control Settings

Using your mask with a DreamStation or System One device provides optimal comfort. The resistant control value is X1 to be set on your device.

Technical Data

  HCPCS CodeA7034, A7035
  Sound/Noise Level17 dBA
  Warranty90 days - Return on warranty issues only

Item Includes


  • 1 x Medium Frame
  • 1 x Headgear
  • 4 Full Face Cushions: Small, Medium, Large and Medium Wide


Selected mask size:

  • 1 x Small Frame, 1 x Medium Frame
  • 1 x Cushion of selected size
  • 1 x Headgear


Operating pressure: 4 - 30 cm H20