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Respironics Elbow/Swivel for Dreamwear/DreamWisp Mask

Model: 1116748
Respironics Elbow/Swivel for Dreamwear/DreamWisp Mask
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No Prescription Required

Replacement Elbow Assembly for DreamWear/DreamWisp Disengage 

The quick-release Elbow Assembly for the Philips Respironics Dreamwear/DreamWisp line-up comes to you as a replacement elbow/swivel component. Ideal for CPAP users who have lost, broke, or simply need a backup part in their aresenal. The base of the elbow is simple to install, simply by inserting it into the circular opening on top of the mask frame. The design over the top greatly reduces tugging that most standard mask endure all the while providing 360-degree movement during therapy. 

Disengage and Go

The design of the quick-release provides users the seamless ability to disengage the entire mask from the hose connection without actually having to completely remove the mask from one's face. Feel free to use the restroom, grab a midnight snack, or go for a walk around the house and not have to worry about compromising your sleep therapy.

Note: The Dreamwear/DreamWisp frame, headgear, and cushion must be purchased separately.


Key Features

  • Replacement Elbow/Swivel
  • Attaches Easily to Current Mask Frame
  • Ergonomic Design and Function
Reviewers Tip:

Replacement kits are ideal for masks: accessory pieces will need to be replaced eventually, and the assembly kits allow you to have spare parts for everything on hand whenever an emergency arises.




Is this compatible with the DreamWisp/Dreamwear and Nasal Pillow or Full Face? 

Yes, the assembly kit is compatible with DreamWisp/DreamWear masks. In fact, it was designed as a replacement for all of the Dreamwear Mask in Philips Respironics Dream line-up


The elbow comes with exhalation ports.

SKU: 1077