Philips Wisp Pediatric Nasal CPAP Mask
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Philips Wisp Pediatric Nasal CPAP Mask

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Note: Temporarily being manufactured without brown spots on the mask frame due to a supply chain issue. This does not impact the quality and performance of the mask.

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Philips Wisp Pediatric Nasal CPAP Mask

Fun for the Kids
The Respironics Wisp Pediatrics Nasal CPAP Mask is the answer to your child's CPAP therapy. The Wisp Pediatric CPAP Nasal Mask offers a comfortable and secure fit allowing them to sleep restfully while admiring the fun design prior to falling asleep. With the giraffe print design on the frame, it will help the child become more acclimated to the use of a CPAP mask as well as the therapy involved. With the design easily attaching to their face, the headgear provides a snug fit and performs without fail. Best of all, the Wisp doesn't have a forehead attachment, so if your child likes to play on their tablet or watch television before bed, they can do so without hindrance.

Kids Friendly Design
Much has been made about the generational shift towards young children needing to use CPAP therapy and how uninviting it is for a child to dawn a mask over their face. Luckily with the Pediatric Wisp, that tension is alleviated. Designed to make children feel comfortable with CPAP therapy, the Respironics Wisp CPAP Mask uses a giraffe print around the frame and headgear, all the while the tubing wrap is fitted with the same design which should encourage the use of the CPAP therapy in a more inviting way with a more pleasant reaction.

Note: The giraffe print is temporarily being manufactured without brown spots on the mask frame due to a supply chain issue. This does not impact the quality and performance of the mask.

Multi-size Cushion Design
The Wisp's pediatric cushion is small and lightweight. Appropriately packaged in the box are three cushions: Small Child, Medium Child, and Large Child.  The outer silicone membrane barely touches their face. Are you worried about the correct sizing for your child? You'll be able to choose between three different cushions providing them with maximum comfort and fit. These child-sized cushions are a better fit as they are more shaped to fit a child's facial structure compared to an adult.

No More Leaking
Unlike the adult version of the Wisp, the Pediatric Wisp features a leak correction mechanism(dial) at the bottom of the cushion will help secure a better mask fit. To make things easier, the adult can freely adjust the Philips Respironics Wisp Nasal Mask while the mask is worn by the child creating a seamless adjustment. This will only further ensure that leakage will be less likely to occur during therapy.

No Forehead Support
Unlike the general majority of CPAP masks, the Respironics Wisp Nasal Mask does not come with a forehead support feature. Instead, the mask's straps wrap around the side of child's face -- above and below your ears -- and the Wisp comes with a strap for the top of your head to ensure stability and security. You can route the tube over the top of the head which will keep the mask stable on your child's face in the event that they are an active sleeper who moves a lot in their sleep.

Key Features

  • Kid-Friendly Giraffe Design
  • Clear Line of Sight
  • Lightweight, Flexible Tubing

Reviewer's Tip:

Respironics intends for the child to be comfortable, so don't overtighten your headgear as that is counter-productive.

Component Materials:

Frame: Nylon/Spandex 
Headgear: Polyurethane Foam 
Cushion: Silicone 
Mask Tube: Thermoplastic Polyester Elastomer 
Elbow, Swivel, Clips: Amorphous Nylon


You said the mask comes with three cushions. Is there a standard children's cushion?
There isn't a standard size as all kids will vary with the sizes available therefore 3 sizes are included so that you find what works best for them.

Can any child use this Wisp Pediatric Mask?
No, this mask is generally meant for a child that is a minimum of 22lbs of weight.

Model 1104953
HCPCS Code A7034, A7035
Manufacturer Philips Respironics
Warranty 90 days against manufacturer defects
Tube Connection Front of the face/Top of the head
Mask Type Nasal Pediatric
Headgear Clips and Type Yes, nonmagnetic
Headgear Size with Mask One-size-fits-all (min 22 lb)
Other Headgear Sizes Available No
Other Headgear Styles Available No
FitPack Available Yes
Active Sleeper Yes
Stomach Sleeper No
Glasses Friendly Yes
Claustrophobic Yes
Specifically Designed For Women N/A
Facial Hair N/A
Cushion Interchangeable with Different Type No
Extra Features Pressure Range: 4-20 cm H2O
  • 1 CPAP mask
  • 1 Mask Headgear
  • 3 cushions Small (Child), Medium (Child), Large (Child)
  • Instructions For Use

Intended for use by a child at a minimum of 22lbs in weight

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