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ResMed Air 10 Oximetry Module

ResMed Air 10 Oximetry Module

ResMed Air 10 Oximetry Module
ResMed Air 10 Oximetry Module ResMed Air 10 Oximetry Module

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Premier Oximeter from ResMed

The Air 10 Oximetry Module from ResMed is an intuitive and highly functional piece of equipment that seamlessly connects your Xpod Oximeter to the AirSense 10. The module is easy to use and install, and attaches easily: simply turn the AirSense off and plug the prongs on the oximeter into the machine. The oximeter works to record and save your oxygen saturation levels, information that can be sent to your physician easily.


The Air 10 oximetry module is compatible with all machines from the AirSense 10 series and AirCurve 10 line of bi-level machines. It is also compatible with the NONIN Xpod Oximeter and finger sensor.

Maintaining the Oximeter

The oximetry module requires regular maintenance for optimal hygiene. It should be cleaned with a clean, dry cloth. It is important to prevent the machine from getting wet as water could irreparably harm the device.

* This is not the complete Oximetry Kit (Module Only)

Key Features

  • Complete Oximetry Module
  • Accurately Measures Oxygen Saturation Levels
  • Compatible with ResMed AirSense, AirCurve Lines
  • Easy To Clean

Reviewers Tip:

The Oximetry Module comes with a standard SD card that will allow you to save your oxygen saturation data on a transportable card, which lets you share your information easily with a physician or service provider.

Setting Up Your AirSense Machine


Is this module compatible with ResMed's S9 line of machines?

The Air 10 Oximetry Module is only compatible with the AirSense and AirCurve line of devices. An oximetry kit for the S9 is sold separately .


Available Accessories

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Technical Data

  HCPCS CodeE0445