Vyaire CPAP Pressure Meter

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Key Features:

  • Measures CPAP and BiPAP Machine Output Pressure
  • Portable
  • Easy to Read Large Numbers
  • No Adapters Required
Product Details

CPAP Pressure Manometer by Vyaire

The Vyaire CPAP Pressure Manometer is an essential tool designed to gauge the pressure output of your CPAP or BiPAP machine. This portable handheld manometer offers you a simple and reliable means to verify that your machine is operating at the prescribed pressure levels so you can sleep easier, knowing you are receiving the treatment you need.

Note: This product is designed as a tool for spot-checking machine output pressures. It should not be used to make clinical decisions or to change prescribed settings. 

Usage Instructions

  1. Disconnect your CPAP mask from your hose.
  2. Connect the CPAP hose directly to the large end of the Vyaire Pressure Manometer
  3. Turn on your machine. Make sure ramp is turned off. 
  4. Hold the manometer straight up. Do not block the top of the manometer.
  5. The line closest to the center of the ball float represents the pressure being delivered by the machine.
  6. When finished, place the manometer back in its protective package as dirt, lint, and other contaminants will cause the CPAP manometer to read inaccurately.
Technical Data
Item Includes

1x CPAP Pressure Manometer

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David N
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Subject: Vyaire CPAP Pressure Meter Review
The pressure meter worked out great for checking my machines output pressure. I wanted to make sure it was working correctly.
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Robin W
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Subject: Vyair CPAP Pressure Meter
Great CSR and great Product in stock and delivered in a timely manner.
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