APEX Medical XT CPAP Heated Humidifier

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  • Heated Humidifier with Water Chamber
  • AC Power cord
  • Instruction Manual

Humidifier Setup

  1. Place the CPAP device on the heater platform.  The rubber tab at the back of the platform slips into the slot in the rear of the CPAP unit.
  2. Connect the power jumper cord to the AC inlet on the back of the CPAP device.
  3. Connect the AC power cord to the power inlet on the back of the heater, and plug it into an electrical outlet.
  4. Turn on the heater by pressing the On/Off switch on the back of the heater platform.  "Standby" appears in the LCD display of the CPAP.
  5. Fill the chamber with distilled water by outlet but do not fill it over the MAX line.  (Approximately 450ml).
  6. Press down and slide the chamber into the heater plate.  Make sure the silicon connector on the inlet connector fits securely over the CPAP device air outlet.  
  7. The heater ON indicator on the right side of the heated humidifier will be lit to indicate the heater plate has started to warm.  Caution: The heater will be automatically turned off when the water chamber is removed from the heater platform.
  8. Connect the other end of the tubing to your mask.
  9. Connect the tubing to the outlet connector on the water chamber.
  10. Adjust the heater temperature to the desired setting by using the control knob.
  11. 1 is minimum humidity, and 6 is maximum.  Check both ends of the tubing to ensure they are tightly connected to both the device and mask.  

Heated Humidifier for the APEX XT Travel CPAP Line

With six different levels of humidification, this heated humidifier is a comfort add-on for the APEX XT Travel CPAP line. Compatible with all four different versions of the XT CPAP line, the heated humidifier has a 450-milliliter water chamber that will last at least eight hours providing comfort and helping your CPAP therapy in the most extreme conditions without sacrificing the performance that you have been accustomed to receiving.

Water Chamber

The water chamber holds up to 450 milliliters of water, allowing for at least eight hours of continuous use, and will continue to run even if there is no water in the chamber. If your water chamber has no water left, the humidifier will continue to perform until the heat sensor notices that the machine is too hot and will turn off the humidification until it cools down without causing any damage to the humidifier or chamber.

Six Adjustment Levels

Allows for the user to change to their preferred level of humidification providing multiple options. As the weather changes you may find that you need a different level of humidification to provide consistent comfort, especially as the weather cools down or heats up.

Comfort Option

Humidification can help eliminate rainout and excess moisture in your tube and mask area, resulting in less dry mouth and dry nasal area after CPAP therapy. Heated humidifiers are a bonus comfort option that can better your CPAP therapy.

Easy to Clean

The XT Heated Humidifier comes with a flat, plastic extraction tool that separates the chamber from the metal plate, allowing for easy maintenance.

How to remove the water chamber base for deep cleaning

  1. Turn off the humidifier and allow the heater plate and water to cool.
  2. Disconnect the flexible tubing from the water chamber.  Press down on the water chamber and slide it off of the heater plate.  Empty the remaining water.
  3. Use the extraction tool to disengage the chamber base.  The extraction tool will be tucked into a recessed indentation on top of the humidifier platform. Match the notch on the front right corner of the chamber with the inverted notch on the extraction tool so that the side of the tool is flush against the side of the chamber base.  
  4. Use a mild detergent to wash the chamber and base.  Thoroughly clean and rinse the internal area of the water chamber, ensuring the silicon seal is properly seated into the seal groove. Allow each part to air dry individually.

Reviewers Tip:

While water chambers will take normal tap water and your humidifier will work and provide comfort, over time tap water can cause calcium and other minerals to build up in the chamber. Distilled water will prevent the calcium buildup in your chamber and extend the life span of your water chamber while also having a positive effect on your CPAP therapy.


If I fill my water chamber all the way how many hours can I expect to receive during CPAP therapy?

Your chamber can hold up to 450 milliliters of water, and if you fill it all the way you can expect at least eight hours of humidification throughout the night. Ambient temperatures should not have an effect on the length of time as the XT Humidifier has been tested in extreme conditions so that you can sleep comfortably without having to worry.

Is the water chamber dishwasher safe?

The chamber is made out of a material that can be used in the dishwasher, but it is not recommended. There is a silicone seal in the middle of the chamber that can be damaged by frequent use in the dishwasher, so it is recommended that you wash your chamber with warm water and mild detergent.

How often should I be cleaning the chamber and replacing the water?

Daily! While distilled water will help prevent calcium buildup, it is still recommended that you change the water every day for best results, and to make sure you scrub and clean your chamber daily.



Return on warranty issues only.

HCPCS CodeE0562
ManufacturerAPEX Medical
Basic Features
Warranty1 Year (base); 6 months (water chamber)
Weight with Humidifier1.32 + 0.55 lb (base and water chamber)
Dimensions10 x 6.9 x 1.97 in
Humidifier Features
Water Chamber CapacityApproximately 450 ml
Power Features
AC Input100v-240v (50-60Hz). 0.06-1.2A

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