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APEX XT Fit Single-Pressure CPAP Machine (Humidifier optional)

The APEX XT Fit is a perfect travel CPAP due to its lightweight and palm-sized design. While smaller in stature than other single-pressure CPAP machines in its class, the XT Fit is built to perform at the levels you have grown accustomed to with larger CPAP machines, making it an excellent alternative to larger machines for on-the-go CPAP users. This machine will help fall asleep and get your sleep apnea treatment anywhere on the globe.

Built-In Power Supply Brick
All models of the APEX XT come with a built-in power supply brick that essentially eliminates extra machine parts. This allows the machine to only require a simple power cord and remain compact and easy to travel with. In order to power the machine you must have it plugged in at all times. The APEX XT Fit can easily be stored in a carry-on bag without having to worry about the amount of space it takes up. The power supply is universal and will work internationally as well as domestically. For international travel, however, you will need an outlet adapter in order for it to operate.

The XT Fit is equipped with an LED screen that is clear to read even in darkness. The user interface is intuitive and easy to use, making changing your settings or reading your information quick and painless.

Compact Size
Weighing under two pounds and with a built in power supply brick, the APEX XT Fit is one of the lightest and smallest manual travel CPAP machines on the market. The XT Fit is FAA approved, making it easy to carry on a plane. The minimal, palm-sized design lessens the stress of traveling with bulkier CPAP machines and takes up less room than other larger and heavier machines in its class. It also comes with a bag which will easily hold all needed machine parts along with your mask and tubing.

Optional APEX Medical XT Fit Heated Humidifier

The XT Fit Humidifier is designed to be the perfect CPAP companion. Used in conjunction with the APEX CPAP machine, the humidifier can add a bit of bulk to the overall machine size, but it packs the same punch that you would expect from larger CPAP machines. APEX has developed a great alternative for those who need a travel friendly but effective CPAP device.

Heated Humidifier
The heated humidifier reduces the irritation commonly associated with CPAP therapy. Traditional CPAP devices can cause irritation of the throat and nasal passages, but humidified air can eliminate dryness. The humidifier will provide a minimum of 8 hours of humidification every night. APEX has vigorously tested the humidifier and determined that you can reliably expect 8 hours minimum for a full water chamber.

Default Machine Settings

  • Start Pressure: 4 cm H2O
  • Ramp Start Pressure: 3 cm H2O
  • Ramp Time: 10 Minutes
  • Ramp: On
  • NO PVA OPTION - No exhalation relief on the XT Fit or manual machine
    • PVA - Pressure Variation Algorithm 

Key Features

  • No external power brick - Eliminates extra weight
  • User-friendly interface - Simple and hassle-free menu navigation backed by bright LED screen
  • Ramp pressure - Gently starts therapy at lower ramp settings, and increases pressure over a span of 45 min in 5 min increments
  • Portable - Weighing 1.76lbs, this travel-friendly CPAP is ready to go when you are, wherever you are going
  • Leak compensation - Compensates for minor leaks that occur in the mask area

Reviewer's Tip:
The power supply is universal and will work anywhere. It ranges from outputs of 100 to 240 volts, meaning you will not need to purchase a different type of power supply to run overseas. For use in other countries, however, you may need a plug adaptor. You can purchase an inexpensive plug adaptor, but just remember to bring it with you whenever you travel. The machine is under two pounds, making it one of the most convenient traveling CPAP machines available!

Note: The included Travel bag for the machine only (SF01101) is smaller than the Travel bag for the machine with humidifier (SC01101).
Please note: 2-year warranty is voided by water damage/misuse of the machine.

Introducing the APEX XT Series Travel CPAP Machines!


How often should I replace the filters?
The gray filters in all APEX XT models are washable and reusable. They should be cleaned at least once every two weeks, but more frequently in extreme temperatures or in dusty areas. In general, you should replace the filters every six months if you are keeping up with maintenance. Pay close attention to your filters and replace them if you think they are wearing down so that you can be sure that your APEX is performing at its optimum levels.

Is the APEX XT line DC capable?
No, the XT line is only AC compatible.

Can the device be powered by a battery or a car adapter?
The XT series CPAP system doesn’t have DC capability so it can’t be powered by a battery or a car adapter. However, it can be used with a DC to AC inverter (only the CPAP machine, not the heated humidifier).

Does the Apex XT Fit record compliance data?

How can I remove this plastic smell coming from the included tubing?
The smell will disappear with use, but if it is really bothersome, let the machine run for several hours. The plastic smell will go away over time.

Is the XT Fit supposed to be this loud?
Many people have reported that this product makes noises that are far louder than it should be. This machine itself should be around 28 dBA, but there are many factors that may be causing abnormally loud noises. Most of the noise you hear is from the air traveling from the machine to you, and back, and there are a number of possible reasons why extra noises can be heard. In general, if it is a high-pitched whistling sound, it is likely due to a small leak somewhere where air is escaping through. This can be from clogged filters, mask fit, loose tube connections, or clogged/sticky tubing.

  • Clogged Filters: Check your filter on the back of the machine for any dirt or clogging. Even if it looks clean, try washing it since there could be fine dust particles or some other imperceptible materials clogging the filter.
  • Mask/Mask Fit: A leak or a sticky valve can often be the cause of the loud noise. The easiest way to tell if your mask is the problem is by trying the machine with a different mask. If that option is not available, clean your mask using hot water and let it air dry. Then, check the surfaces for any scratches or damage. Make sure the mask is firmly connected to the tubing and see if the sound persists.
  • Tubing: Do a similar check/test with your tubing, and make sure that both ends of the tube are securely in place.

If this does not resolve your problems, try to determine when the sound occurs during your breathing cycle. The easiest way to tell is by using the mask. Inhale, pause for two seconds, exhale, then pause for two seconds. Repeat several times to see exactly when the sound occurs.
If the sound was when you inhale or exhale, there likely is a leak somewhere. Try adjusting your mask and see if there are any differences with the test. If the sound occurs at pauses during your breathing and all air passage connections are secure, it may be a faulty unit. Please contact us for machine evaluation.


Model XT Prime XT Auto XT Sense XT Fit
Automatic Pressure Adjustment      
Pressure Relief    
Ramp Up Function
Automatic Altitude Adjustment (Manual) 
Automatic Leak Compensator  
Low Pressure Alert  
SD Card Data  
Efficacy Information Reporter (AHI, Leak, etc.)    
Compliance Information Reporter
Pressure Setting Updater    
Alarm Clock Feature  
Humidifier Available
Return on warranty issues only.

RX Required
Technical Data
SF01101, SC01101
E0601, E0562
1.76 lb
Weight with Humidifier
5.8 x 5 x 3.9 inches
Dimensions with Humidifier
Humidification System
Humidifier Settings
Water Chamber Capacity
Pressure Range
4-20 cmH2O
Pressure Relief
0-45 (5 min increments)
Starting Ramp Pressure
3 cmH2O to Therapy Pressure (Adjustable in 0.5 cmH2O Increments)
AC Input
100v-240v (50-60Hz)
AC Power Supply
Power Cord Length
DC Converter
Smartphone App
SD Card Included
Altitude Adjustment
Settings of 1 or 1,000 Ft to 8 or 8,000 Ft
2 Years
Sound/Noise Level
28 dBA at 10 cmH2O
Charcoal Gray
Reusable foam filter
Operation Modes
CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure)
Leak Compensation
AC Power Supply Weight
Advanced Event Detection
Compliance Meter
The user compliance meter records the total systems operating time for physicians reference.
Data Storage Capacity
Flex Modes
Flex Pressure Relief
Flow Waveforms
Humidifier Included
Rainout Reduction
Ramp Time
Standard Ramp User Adjustable 0 to 45 Minutes
Weight of machine with Power Supply
Extra Features
Compatible with all standard Cpap masks
Item Includes

Box Opening & Contents

  • XT Fit Travel CPAP Machine
  • AC Power Cord
  • Plastic tubing
  • 1 re-usable foam filter, inserted
  • User guide
  • Travel Bag (smaller than the travel bag with both machine and humidifier)
Reviews (39)
4 of 5 Stars!
Vickie B
Was this helpful?
Decent little machine. I purchased it as a travel unit because I don't want to haul my ResMed around on vacation this year. I have used it once so far and it works well. Pros and Cons:

Pros: Respshop set this up with my sleep settings when I sent in my prescription so it was plug in and go. Very easy. The air flow was what I was used to and it kept my airway open - which is the goal.

Cons: It is noisier than I am used to. I was able to sleep and I am sure I will adapt but if I was someone who needed absolute quiet to sleep this machine would not be optimal. Since I am used to sleeping with a fan on I can handle the noise but wonder how my husband and kids will handle it when we are together in a tent when camping. The hose that came with was very cheep and had a very bad plastic smell. I have ordered a ResMed hose and will use that next time. The display light doesn't go out so far as I could tell which is very bothersome on a machine you use in a dark bedroom. I had to cover it up with a towel.

In summary, it is a decent machine and I would say a good value for the cost.
Was this helpful?
3 of 5 Stars!
Was this helpful?
I bought this machine to take with me when I travel. I have tried it with my regular nasal mask and with the new nasal pillow mask. The machine has great air pressure. However, it doesn't matter which mask I use, there is a lot of noise and it takes me longer to fall asleep because of the noise. And the noise is not coming from the machine, it is at the mask area. It sounds like a vacuum cleaner is running in the room when you breathe out. There is a whistling noise when you breathe in. Additionally, you have to unplug the machine to turn it off and the light on the LCD window never goes off. So there is always an amber glow in the bedroom when you are using the machine.
Was this helpful?
4 of 5 Stars!
Catrina D
(Verified Purchase)
Was this helpful?
For my first experience with a cpap this was a great machine. Very easy to use and understand. I have used it three times to travel since buying it six months ago. I have used it in a semi as I went with a week long travel with my husband and was perfect to sit by the bedside along with in hotels my last two trips. Very pleased with my purchase. However, I kick myself for not going up and getting one with a humidifier because there are a lot of nights I can't use it to being congested or here lately it has been in my chest due to allergies. Definitely going to see about it next.
Was this helpful?
4 of 5 Stars!
Mary L
(Verified Purchase)
Was this helpful?
This is such a handy little machine for traveling. It came with a nifty carrying case that I won't be able to use on my trip to Italy (only taking carry on) but will use on future car or train trips. It fit surprisingly well into my tiny carryon bag, though, and will help me tremendously during the 3 weeks of the trip.

Getting used to it is another story. The first night wasn't too bad, but the next two were awful. My brain focused on a pumping sound that is similar to that of a motorcycle revving up. Though very muted it was persistent and wouldn't leave my consciousness. Determined to make this work, I decided to wear noise canceling head phones and listen to an audio book (which I usually do, but without headphones) that is set to turn off after half an hour. Although I look like some creature from outer space with all this head gear, hoses and chin strap, it WORKS. For two nights in a row now. Fingers crossed. At least my granddaughter, who's 14 and traveling with me, shouldn't have to deal with my sleep apnea turning off grandma's switch in a foreign country.
Was this helpful?
5 of 5 Stars!
Kyle D
Was this helpful?
Subject: Great machine
I have three of these now for use at various locations when visiting (parents, kids, etc). Bought the first machine 7 years ago and it still works perfectly. The machine itself is totally silent. The only sound is the noise of the airflow at the mask. I find the white noise helps cover up other sounds that would wake me up. There are two downsides to the cpap. The first is that I sleep so soundly that I’m wide awake after about 6 hours which is usually 4 or 5AM. The second is that I’m dependent on the machine for a good sleep. Without it I’m constantly waking up with snoring or apnea. BTW my wife can’t sleep with me when I don’t use the machine because of my snoring.
Was this helpful?
4 of 5 Stars!
Hilmy S
Was this helpful?
I have just now placed the order for one machine, tube and full face mask, but i only noticed in the receipt that it was a Taiwan made...it is not mentioned anywhere if i am correct.....anyway its not a issue unless it works fine and the price is good.....hope the size would be handy too.... i bought this as a stand-by just in case if my current one fails and thinking easy to travel with. I am using a RasMed auto type with a adaptable humidifier for the past 8 yrs without any issue and i had never combined the humidifier since i had no necessity. waiting for the delivery in 6 days
Was this helpful?
4 of 5 Stars!
Maureen M
Was this helpful?
I like this machine, and would recommend it **IF** you don't need a humidifier to sleep. The humidifier is practically the weight of the machine, and doubles it's footprint! I have done three trips with this machine without the humidifier (because I couldn't fit it all in my carry on), and it was very quiet and fit well on the hotel nightstands, BUT I woke up after a couple hours with dry sinuses and a sore throat. That doesn't happen when I use the humidifier (either with this machine or my primary machine.)
Was this helpful?
5 of 5 Stars!
James C
Was this helpful?
This the second unit I have purchased from you. I use it for travel, I like that it has the power supply built in, so no misleading size questions, and extra bulky heavy power supplies. Again its my second, I gave my first to my son to eliminate his snoring and to stay married. It worked and he has gone in for his sleep study and gotten his own unit and uses my original as his travel machine. The APEX unit is quiet enough for me, easy to use, and reliable.
Was this helpful?
4 of 5 Stars!
Egbert B
(Verified Purchase)
Was this helpful?
I got this as my back up machine and, at the same time, as my travel machine. This site offers the best price. The size, weight and footprint of this unit is fantastic! I just have to mention that I did hear some whirling sound (a very faint one though) from the machine when using low pressure(s) but it disappears and the noise transfers to the tube in and during high pressure(s). Be that as it may, you can't go wrong its price. Bang for the buck indeed!
Was this helpful?
5 of 5 Stars!
Deborah C
(Verified Purchase)
Was this helpful?
I was uneasy buying an inexpensive CPAP online. I am traveling a lot and lugging my heavy home machine is a hassle. I was pleasantly surprised, this machine does exactly what I needed it to do and is a breeze getting through TSA. It is quiet and just for a day or two I can do without my humidifier. Knowing what I know now, I would purchase this again in a heartbeat. Even if you don't travel this would make a great emergency backup and the price is right!
Was this helpful?
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Q&As (12)
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Does this cpap machine comes with a power cord? If not how much more does the power cord cost?

Yes, it absolutely does include a power cord.
It includes:
XT Fit Travel CPAP Machine
AC Power Cord
Plastic tubing
1 re-usable foam filter, inserted
User guide
Travel Bag (smaller than the travel bag with both machine and humidifier)

Was this helpful?
I have not used my Apex XT in a few years, because I have not traveled. I recently needed to use it, but there was an odor from it that gave me a headache. It didn't have this odor before. Can you tell me what the cause might be?

The ordor could be coming from sitting in a closet for a while. I would suggest having it run throughout the day and see if you can get that smell to leave. If not you may need to send it in to see if something else is causing it.

Was this helpful?
how do you get the compliance report?

Hello, unfortunately this model does not have retrievable data as it has no SD card slot. It is considered a baseline model. Please refer to the comparison table near the bottom of the page.

Was this helpful?
Sir/madam - I am no longer using my Apex XT Fit CPAP system. Do you have any recommendations on how the unit might be donated or recycled for further use? Thank you.


I am sorry we do not. Thank you

Was this helpful?
Do you have the Apex cpap in stock?

No, we don't. This product has been discontinued by the manufacturer. We do have the Airsense 10 Cpap

Was this helpful?
I see you have this machine up for rental. Is it still possible to buy one ?

Thank you for your interest. Unfortunately, we do not have this CPAP in stock for buyout, only rental at this time.

Was this helpful?
Hello I already have this CPAP machine and when I purchased I didn't have option to purchase humidifier. Is it possible to order only the humidifier now?

Unfortunately we don't have any stock on the humidifier available at the moment. As of today, 09/18/2020, it is backordered from the manufacturer so we don't have an ETA

Was this helpful?
I am a bus driver and I am thinking about using this while I’m driving during the Covid is this something that would work. If I tip it driving with the water from the humidifier damage machine. And what kind of an adapter what I need it has capability of a cigarette lighter. To my regular masks that I have fit whatever how is your supply with. And if the mask fits properly is it not noisy. Does it have capability of auto CPAP.

I would suggest getting the APAP version as it has the option for SD card read while the Single pressure cpap does not.
Any device will be damaged by water if you tilt it and spill.
Any mask will fit any cpap device

Was this helpful?
Am unable to increase the pressure from 12, despite following the procedures. Is there another way to do this? TIA

Please give us a call at 866-936-3754, and we will gladly review with you how to change your pressure. Thank you.

Was this helpful?
can i use my regualr cpap mask with this unit

You sure can!

Was this helpful?
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