APEX Medical WiZARD 220 Full Face CPAP Mask

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WiZARD 220 Full Face Mask Complete Set

Brief Survey

The WiZARD 220 Full Face Mask with Headgear by APEX Medical is a well-constructed and smartly designed CPAP mask allowing patients to receive quality results minus the significant discomfort. This Apex full face mask is easy to fit, maintain and disassemble, all while providing excellent therapy with no accompaniment of hassle or headache.

Quick Release Headgear

One of the more useful features is the headgear. The WiZARD headgear is equipped with special quick release clips enabling the headgear to be removed from the mask frame in a very fast and simple manner. Furthermore, the quick release clips will not disturb your unique fit so you will not have to constantly readjust and refit your mask.

Superior Cushion Design

Boasting a soft, silicone-based cushion designed to not only add comfort but also create a maximally secure and effective seal. This silicone cushion will conform to the specific facial structure of each individual patient and provide a pleasant fit which does not lead to pressure marks or blemishes.

Sizing and Compatibility

Coming in three different sizes - small, medium and large allows patients to more thoroughly customize and personalize their therapy experience. It is a highly versatile mask in that it is able to function with virtually any CPAP machine and any tubing system.


  • Highly versatile - works with any CPAP machine and tubing system
  • Includes automatic safety valve for emergencies
  • Comes in three sizes - small, medium and large
  • Distributes pressure evenly across face
  • Simple to fit and disassemble
  • Quick release headgear clips
  • Forehead pad adds stability
  • Soft silicone-based cushion
  • Easy to maintain
  • Lightweight

Material List

  • Cushion and Forehead Pad - Soft Silicone
  • Latex Free
Technical Data
SM02012, SM02011, SM02010, SM02022
30 days
Extra Features
Pressure range - 4-30 cm H20
Item Includes
  • Full Face Mask
  • Forehead Pad
  • Headgear buckle
  • Headgear
Reviews (11)
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Kai A
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Subject: Wizard mask
The wizard 220 is very comfortable. I have tried many masks prior and unfortunately none of them fit my face perfectly well. I think my face shape might be a little unique compared to the "standard" face shape. The mask itself contours well to the bumps and shape of my face so it gets a seal that almost always lasts throughout the night. (The only time I have noticed leaking is when I didn't fasten my mask correctly because I was so tired in the night prior but that was entirely on me and not the mask's fault) Additionally, the cushion is soft and lightweight so I don't feel that bothered by the mask when I'm trying to sleep.
The quick release headgear clips are very easy to use and make it so I can take off my mask quickly in the morning or when I use the restroom in the middle of the night. I'm really happy with how even in the dark, I am able to quickly take off my mask and use the restroom.
The airflow is pretty quiet just like every other mask I have used. I would say this mask isn't exactly "top tier" for quietness but it's definitely average quietness. I personally have not been bothered by its noises when I am trying to fall asleep.
The price here on Resp Shop is much better compared to amazon! The product was delivered quickly with nice packaging to keep my mask safe. I will be ordering from here again.
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James W
(Verified Purchase)
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Well this is the 4th mask that i have gotten since being told i have sleep apenea. my insurance would not cover my cpap machine or mask. this mask leaks air. sounds like an air raid alert digs in bridge of nose leaves sore skin patches on nose that feels like it digs into your skin leaves streak marks along side of face to bad these companies dont care about their products or costumers these cpap crap is a waste of money
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5 of 5 Stars!
Edna L
(Verified Purchase)
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I ordered a mask for the first time from this vendor and when it arrived I found out it was not a full face mask. I called and they credited my account, at which time, I placed an order for a full face mask. My husband used this new mask and confessed this is the best mask he has ever used. He has used CPAP mask for 20 years and he loves this one. Will definitely reorder again. Customer service is the best.
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2 of 5 Stars!
Shaun C
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To be honest it's really hard to get used too. And when u do breath thru your mouth it blows ur cheeks up like ballons. And I have a real hard time getting a good seal on it..

I would try using your ramp and working with the mask after dinner for about an hour to help you adjust to the pressures and how to fit the mask.

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4 of 5 Stars!
Was this helpful?
This mask came as a free mask and I am happy to say that this mask was surprisingly comfy! I was thinking, oh maybe this mask isnt going to be a good mask because it was free but it really was a treat. very soft, headgear feels great!
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Laura M
(Verified Purchase)
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This mask works well for me most of the time, covers large portion of my face, isn't hard and rigid so doesn't mark my face bad....just the head bar marks sometimes. I have mutiple masks, use this one most all the time.
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Brian R
(Verified Purchase)
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Buyer beware get a second mask ... nose bar broke in the middle of the night now laying here sleepless without a mask cause product defective. 30 day warranty is expired. Ugh
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This mask came free with CPAP machine. I have been a CPAP user for 10 years and this is the most comfortable mask I have had yet.
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Vincent S
(Verified Purchase)
Was this helpful?
Received item promptly and in good condition.
I hope the shipping cost can be lowered for Asia shipment.
Thank you.
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moti v
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Subject: cpap mask
100% very good item. came on time. very good price.i hope to buy again next time.
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I want to purchase a full mask for my face I not sure the right size to get could you help me

You can download the size gauge https://www.respshop.com/manuals/Sizing%20Gauge%20(1).pdf?pdf=Sizing-Gauge-(1) at home, cut it and see which size fits the best.

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What is the fit pack?

HI, the fit pack will come with multiple size cushions. Thank you

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