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Manufacturers of one of the most popular series of travel machines at RespShop, APEX Medical designs some of the most unique and affordable CPAP machines available today. With four different versions of travel machines, the APEX XT Line is amongst the most affordable, lightweight, and compact CPAP machines available on the market. Designed to fit in the palm of your hand, XT machines are great for travelers struggling with sleep apnea.

There are four different models of APEX XT machines available, including the basic XT Fit, the XT Sense, the XT Prime, and the top of the line XT Auto CPAP machine. Each machine has different features and is priced accordingly to help users find the perfect machine for their needs. While these machines are small, dependent upon which machine you buy you can expect to have similar feature to your larger at home use machines, making traveling with a CPAP easier than ever before!

Each machine can be purchased with or without a heated humidifier to ensure that you are receiving the same amount of comfort from your travel CPAP that you would with your regular every day use device. APEX also manufactures two different types of CPAP masks, a full face and a nasal that work with any of the machines we sell.

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