Philips ComfortGel Blue Nasal CPAP Mask Premium Headgear
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Philips ComfortGel Blue Nasal CPAP Mask Premium Headgear

Model: 1059236, 1033678
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Respironics Premium Headgear for Comfort Series CPAP Masks

Your Respironics Comfort Series mask performs at its peak with premium headgear designed specifically to complement it. Ensuring a secure seal is a given; Respironics takes headgear construction further with an innovative strap design that puts comfort first. Wide, flat straps distribute tension and feel more like a second skin than a medical accessory. If your current headgear is losing its elasticity or you just want a spare for your peace of mind, Respironics Premium Headgear for Comfort Series Masks is an undeniable choice.

Key Features

  • EZ Peel Tabs - quick, simple adjustments without the hassle of clips
  • Comfort Series Compatibility - use this headgear with the entire line of Respironics Comfort masks
  • Improved Comfort - larger straps mean a lack of irritation that comes from thin straps digging into the skin

Reviewers Tip:

You should be replacing your CPAP mask headgear every three months depending upon the wear and tear.

User Instructions 
Connecting the Headgear to the Mask

  1. Open the hook tabs on the straps.
  2. Thread the top headgear straps into the slots in the forehead pad bracket.  Adjust for the largest size.
  3. Thread the headgear straps into the headgear clips or slots in the faceplate as appropriate.
  4. Fold the tabs back to catch the headgear straps.  The logo will be on the outside of the headgear and will face up so that it can be read.

Cleaning Instructions

  1. Hand wash headgear in warm water weekly, or as needed.  The headgear does not need to be removed for daily cleaning of the mask.  Note: do not use bleach, alcohol, cleaning solutions containing bleach or alcohol, or cleaning solutions containing conditioners or moisturizers.
  2. Rinse thoroughly with drinking quality water and air dry out of direct sunlight.
  3. Lay the headgear flat or line dry.  Do not place the headgear into the dryer.  Inspect all parts for damage or wear; replace any parts that have visibly deteriorated (cracking, crazing, tears, etc.)


Size Small/Reduced Size (RS) model 1059236 :

  • Upper and lower Straps: 16.5 inches
  • Distance between upper and lower straps: 4.25 inches

Size Standard/Medium model 1033678:

  • Upper and lower straps: 22.5 inches
  • Distance between upper and lower straps: 5.75 inches


  • ComfortGel Blue nasal mask
  • ComforGel nasal mask
  • ComfortClassic nasal mask


My mask is leaking when I sleep. Do I need new headgear?
If your mask has fit properly in the past and is the right size, the issue might be your headgear. Old headgear that has lost its elasticity can have a big effect on how your mask fits. Replacing the headgear offers a much more cost-efficient solution than unnecessarily replacing an entire mask.

Model 1059236, 1033678
HCPCS Code A7035

Premium Headgear for Comfort Series Masks in the selected size
(Ball-and-socket swivel Clip are available separately)

4.4rating Based on 19 reviews
nancy w 11/14/2021
4 of 5 Stars!

Subject: My Review for the ordered Headgear for CPAP
The Headgear is ok. My Medicare order cheats me of my headgear, and that is why I have to order and pay out of pocket the headgear. However; after several washings, the headgear does not fastens as well. That is why I order usually 2 headgears at a time.

I have a recall on my CPAP Machine but have not received a replacement. The registration I filled out several months ago. Medicare should take this issue up and not leave users guessing when or the approx. date of the replacement to take place.
The CPAP Machine improves my breathing and resting time while sleeping.

Walker E 09/07/2021
5 of 5 Stars!

Subject: The only good headgear
Don't settle for any other off-brand headgears or you will regret it.

My old headgear was getting stretched out and I decided to get a different headgear because it was cheaper. It was a complete waste of my money. I had to adjust it constantly throughout the night because it didn't stay on my face. Such a terrible experience.

I bought this premium headgear and it works so much better. The straps are thick and wide and don't dig into my skin when I use it. I also don't have to adjust it throughout the night because it stays in position.

Matsushino M(Verified Purchase) 12/26/2019
4 of 5 Stars!

Seems to fit well. Only used it once but time will tell whether the Velcro lasts over time. These headgears should last forever unless they are deliberately made to not last. Had difficulty finding it again to write a review.

Ted f 05/25/2018
3 of 5 Stars!

Unable to view the photos well as small resolution, do all the straps fold and loop onto themselves attaching then with velcro? If so how long are the top and bottom straps from their last intersection points?

Ralph B(Verified Purchase) 11/23/2015
5 of 5 Stars!

Comfortable and adjustable. These are the best fit I have had and they last well. I have made a pair of these last 20 months and will buy them as long as they are available.

Melissa H(Verified Purchase) 02/27/2017
4 of 5 Stars!

Very comfortable straps, easy to put together and fit. Just a reminder though, remember to order clips with it if you need those as well.

JASON D(Verified Purchase) 10/21/2015
5 of 5 Stars!

Velcro works great and stick through the night. Have had no issues so far since replacing my old headgear with the new one.

TonK P(Verified Purchase) 09/17/2018
3 of 5 Stars!

It's match with my mask.
I have changed it more than 3 times.
But when wash it , glue is lost easier.

Tom O 03/28/2020
5 of 5 Stars!

It is great,,So much better than the original. The connections are smaller but have plenty ogf grab.

James S(Verified Purchase) 10/29/2018
5 of 5 Stars!

fits well and is easy to keep clean. the hook and loop fabric holds well and the fit is good

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If my machine is defective , do I want to order this. I am using FX MiRAGE NOW. WILL THAT GEAR FIT THIS MASK?
Hi there, they are two different masks so the parts are not interchangeable. The headgear you're looking for is here:

Philips Respironics has asked customers stop using their device and reach out to their physician for guidance regarding the recall.
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