Respironics ComfortClassic Nasal CPAP Mask

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Traditional CPAP Mask from Leading Sleep Apnea Therapy Brand

The Respironics ComfortClassic Nasal CPAP Mask is a traditional sleep apnea therapy mask with headgear. The headgear has two straps on each side of your face that converge on the back of your head. A forehead pad comes included to help attach the headgear comfortably and to help evenly distribute pressure. A new mask and cushion design has improved ComfortClassic's ability to hold a seal and increased the mask's comfort.

Gel Spacers

Gel spacers are included in the ComfortClassic's forehead pad. The spacers make wearing the mask more comfortable, and help the headgear fit your head seamlessly.

Oxygen Port

Respironics designed for the mask to accomodate an oxygen port for therapy users who take supplemental oxygen. If you don't need oxygen throughout the night, simply attach the Mask Port Cap.

Ergonomic Cushion

The ComfortClassic comes with a comfortable cushion that was designed to fit a variety of facial sizes and structures. The result is a mask that leaks less often than competing CPAP masks.

Key Features

  • Lightweight
  • Comes in Two Sizes
  • Quiet Ventilation

Reviewers Tip:

Some users prefer to wear this mask without the gel spacer. If it's comfortable, wear it, but it isn't a necessary feature.


Will I have to replace the forehead spacers?

Eventually. If you wear your mask tight, eventually, the gel in the forehead spacers will sag, and you'll want to replace it.

Is there any latex in this product?

Nope. Respironics CPAP products are latex free.

How should I clean my mask?

At RespShop, we recommend cleaning your mask with distilled water, a non-abrasive soap, and a soft cloth.

Technical Data
1007964, 1007963
A7034, A7035
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John &
(Verified Purchase)
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This CPAP Mask with headgear was extremely comfortable for my fiancee. It held up quite well with the exception of the gel pack that got very gooey and didn't function as it was suppose to. The seal around the nasal area was very good and had very little noise coming if any from around the edges due to air leakage. He liked its comfort and seal-making for a better sleep experience. All in all a great buy at a great price!
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3 of 5 Stars!
Jenny J
Was this helpful?
Alright mask its comfortable but hurts my forehead because of that little yellow. I like the way it is suppose to feel but after using it for so long I started to get a indent on my forehead because of the little spacer thingy. But it feels great covering my nose its just the forehead part and I had to take that off.
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Karen N
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I wish this mask was not discontinues!! i had use this mask ever since i have been on the cpap{10Yrs} the mask i ordered to replace this one is horrible i don;t sleep night from fighting with new mask it covers my mouth as well and i feel like i am suffocating
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4 of 5 Stars!
Pierre C
(Verified Purchase)
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Very comfortable. The yellow gel nipple fell off after a month, but the mask is still usable and still very comfortable. Next time I buy one, I will just pull it off, it is not really necessary.
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