Respironics ComfortClassic CPAP Mask w/o Headgear

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Traditional CPAP Mask for Sleep Apnea Therapy

The ComfortClassic from Respironics is a classic facial contour mask for users suffering from sleep apnea. The mask comes in two sizes -- medium and small -- and is built to fit most faces. A new cushion keeps your mask sealed more effectively than ever, and an innovative gel spacer will help your mask last longer than ever.

Gel Spacers

Older models of masks used foam spacers to soften the mask. The foam would often crumble or break, and would need to be replaced frequently. To fix this dilemma, Respironics re-designed the ComfortClassic with a gel forehead spacer. The gel model will last longer, and presses against your skin more comfortably than the foam.

Quieter Air Vent

The exhalation port on the ComfortClassic flows downward from the tubular connection, which will diffuse air away from you and your partner. The new vent is quieter than in older models, and won't disturb you while you sleep.

Innovative Cushion

Respironics's new cushion design is incorparted into the ComfortClassic. The cushion will contour around your face, which will help prevent leaks. The new cushion is available in two different sizes.

Removable Oxygen Port Cap

For sleep apnea users who need oxygen, the ComfortClassic features an oxygen port cap. If supplemental oxygen is not needed, the cap should remain closed throughout therapy. The cap is easy to remove and is located on the top front of the mask's outer membrane.

Key Features

  • Gel Spacer
  • Strapped Headgear Can be Removed Quickly and Easily
  • New and Improved Air Diffusion

Reviewers Tip:

If your mask is leaking, try re-positioning the forehead spacer. If your spacer is too high, you may be pulling your mask cushions up, which could compromise the effectiveness of your seal.


Does this mask have velcro straps?

It's made of a similar material called velstretch that attaches and detaches just as easily as velcro.

Is the cushion replaceable?

No. The cushion for the ComfortClassic should last the life of the mask.

Is the gel forehead pad replaceable?

Yes, and it should be replaced as soon as it starts to compressed. Compressed forehead pads will eventually loosen your headgear and harm the quality of your seal.

Technical Data
1007965, 1007966
A7034, A7035
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