ResMed N20 Setup Pack For AirMini CPAP

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  • 1x N20 AirMini Connector
  • 1x AirMini Tube
  • 1x HumidX waterless humidification capsule
  • 1x HumidX Plus waterless humidification capsule


AirMini N20 Setup Pack by ResMed

The AirMini Setup Pack for the AirFit/AirTouch N20 Nasal CPAP Mask is required to connect the AirFit/AirTouch N20 mask to your AirMini. It features an AirMini N20 Connector that is specially designed to house the HumidX/HumidX Plus waterless humidification capsules (included) and connect to the AirMini Tubing (included).

HumidX and HumidX Plus Waterless Humidification Included
This Setup Pack comes with a HumidX capsule and a HumidX Plus capsule. These capsules are small heat moisture exchangers (HMEs) designed to provide comfortable and effective humidification without water. When users breathe, heat and moisture from every exhale are captured and stored within the HME's tiny paper ridges before it reaches the mask's vent. When they inhale, this heat and moisture are released into warm and comfortable air during the night.

HumidX Capsule
This is the standard waterless humidification system for most climates and sleep environments.

HumidX Plus Capsule
The HumidX Plus is optimized for use in dry and high-altitude environments where more moisture is needed.


How do I clean the HumidX and HumidX Capsules?
The HumidX and HumidX Plus Capsules do not need to be cleaned. They are individually packaged and can be used up to 30 days after opening. They should be discarded after 30 days, if opened.

How do I clean my AirMini Tubing?
Wash the tubing weekly with warm water and mild soap. Rinse thoroughly under running water and hang to dry away from direct sunlight.

How do I clean my AirMini N20 Connector?
Wash the connector weekly with warm water and mild soap. Rinse thoroughly under running water and air dry away from direct sunlight.

How often do I need to replace my AirMini Tubing and HumidX/HumidX Plus Capsules?
Tubing should be replaced every 6 months and the HumidX/HumidX Plus Capsules should be replaced after 30 days once opened.

HCPCS CodeA7034, A7037

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Q. Is there a full face mask that I can use with my mini? I’m a mouth breather so nasal mask doesn’t work. Is there an adaptor I can use with my airfit F30i mask to the air mini?
Thank you.
A. We do! The F20 is the full face mask that you can wear with the Airmini with this adapter: https://www.respshop.com/cpap-masks/resmed-airmini-compatible-masks/resmed-f20-airmini-setup-pack-p-1163.html
If you would like to continue to use your F30i, you will need the following adapter for your machine as well as a standard hose: https://www.respshop.com/cpap-supplies/tubing/airmini-cpap-tube-connector-p-1384.html
Q. what is the difference in the 2 filters ? is the 'X' longer lasting, stronger. better ? Can you rent to own ? Insurance won't cover this "luxury" CPAP so what can you do to help ?
A. The humid X plus - provides more moisture than the standard. Our rental is strictly rental only, as those machines do not have warranty. If your insurance won't cover a travel CPAP you are able and you would like to purchase once out right, you can choose our payment plan options, there is 6, 12, and 18 months.
Q. what masks will this fit in medium?
A. This will fit the Resmed N20 mask only by Resmed
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Sandy F Verified Purchase
Subject: AirFit N20 Setup Pack
I am so thankful for the team at RespShop! I had called another provider who advised I had to purchase a new mask to work with my airmini CPAP travel device. I was quoted $250.00, but read that my mask I currently had the N20 was compatible with the airmini. I was right!
I called RespShop as I was unhappy with the previous providers answer. They confirmed all I required was the Airfit N20 set up pack. Originally I had added all the pieces individually in my cart which was just over $80, however the sales representative I spoke to advised there was cheaper route and it was the Set up pack for the N20 which was $53!
I was so happy with this option it came with everything I needed. The N20 connector, airmini tube, and 2 of the HumidX capsules. I was also pleased this kit gives you 2 options for the HumidX capsules, one standard and one plus. This gave me the chance to see exactly which HumidX I liked and needed to re-order in the future. I was so pleased to have saved $200 and so appreciative of the team at RespShop!
11 months ago
5 of 5 Stars!
Lisa E Verified Purchase
Subject: Air mini
I rented this machine for travel. I absolutely love it compared to my regular machine that I have that there’s a recall on. I wish they had an option of rent to own, or gave you some kind of a discount to buy. I definitely recommend this machine and I love the way it works with my iPhone. Very efficient and easy to operate.
2 years ago
5 of 5 Stars!
Great equipment. Love the mini especially for travel and on airplanes.
4 years ago
4 of 5 Stars!
Eddie Y
It is really small and especially for travel and on airplanes.
4 years ago
Showing 1 to 4 (of 4 reviews)