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ResMed AirFit N30 CPAP Nasal Cradle Mask

ResMed AirFit N30 CPAP Nasal Cradle Mask

Model: 64222, 64223, 64224

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AirFit N30 Nasal Cradle CPAP by ResMed

The AirFit N30 Cradle CPAP Mask by ResMed features one of the most simple and elegant designs.
This lightweight CPAP nasal mask weighs just under two ounces and is ready to use straight out of the box. The soft and simple design sits just under the nostril cradling the front and side of the nose. Unlike nasal pillows, this mask does not go inside the nostrils, but cushions them just under and on the sides. The curved cradle maintains the seal no matter what position you sleep in. The headband is adjustable both by size and with the split headband which allows you to move part of the strap on top of the head if desired.

N30 Cushion Cradle  

The N30 cradle cushion sits softly under your nostril and curves around the sides like a crescent to help prevent air leaks while conforming itself to your nose. It is soft enough to avoid skin and nose irritation. The soft silicone is thinner against the nostrils and more substantial near the mask for support. 

ResMed N30 Headgear 

The headgear is very minimal, but smartly designed to provide little facial contact. This helps prevent marks after taking off your mask, and helps leave your line of sight free to read or watch TV in bed. The N30 headgear adjusts and also splits in to two bands so you can move one part to the top of your head if you want. This simple design is lightweight but sturdy enough to hold your mask in place. 

Mask Frame 

The N30 Mask Frame allows you to choose any size cushion and headgear replacement is easy as well. The Airfit N30 frame has a soft yet flexible tube that connects with a swivel to your CPAP Hose, making it even easier to turn in bed. The N30 Mask Frame also has QuietAir vent technology that helps keep the mask quiet while diffusing the vented exhaled air away from you. 

Fitting and Adjusting your AirFit N30 Cpap Mask 

  • Hold the nasal cradle under your nose.
  • Pull the head strap over the head.
  • Adjust the split band elastic head strap to get a comfortable fit.
  • Adjust the side clip to change the length of the headgear to correct for leaks.
  • Attach the flexible tubing on the mask frame to your CPAP equipment.

Care of your N30 Cpap Mask 

You will want to wash your cushion daily and your headgear and mask frame weekly 

  • Soak in warm water with a mild liquid soap no longer then 10 minutes
  • Use a soft bristle brush to clean the inside and outside of the cushion.
  • Use a soft bristle brush to remove debris at the vent holes.
  • Thoroughly rinse the components under running water.
  • Air dry away from direct sunlight.

Respshop Product Review

We were all so excited to see the new ResMed N30 Cradle CPAP mask because the ResMed P10 Mask has been so popular. Unfortunately, not everyone can tolerate nasal pillows, so welcome aboard AirFit N30! We are so glad to see you. I took this mask home the night we got it in stock; I was anxious to see how it performed. I love the minimalist design of this CPAP mask and the non-obstructed view since I like to read in bed. The Cradle Cushion does a great job of sealing without leaking and it is very gentle to the nostrils. The CPAP Headgear on this mask is adjustable, and the strap is split into two, so you have the option for top of the head support if you need that. The other thing I really enjoyed was the exhalation port which dissipates the airflow so you don't feel any air on yourself or your partner.
We really like this mask and we think you will too!

Recommended If You Have Facial Hair

If you are still shopping and looking for additional guidance on masks to consider, read on!

We all have unique facial structures and RespShop stocks a large variety of masks for CPAP so that everyone can find something that works best for them. Facial hair simply adds another wrinkle to the search for the mask that is your ticket to better sleep.

Traditionally shaped triangular nasal masks that sit on the bridge of the nose and anchor on the lower lip might cause hiccups with the fit, but hybrid nasal masks that rest under the nose superbly fit many with facial hair. The ResMed AirFit N30 uses an under the nose cushion that rests high on the upper lip. This mask also features a frame and headgear that outlines the periphery of facial hair for many people.

When shopping for a CPAP mask to wear with facial hair, don’t fall into the trap of sizing up. Use size guide and select the size that fits your facial structure. Over sizing results in leaks, frustration, and discomfort.  

Model 64222, 64223, 64224

In the Package 

Airfit N30 Cradle Frame 
N30 Cushion 
N30 Headgear 

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Kulawiak K
Date Added: 08/27/2020
Rating: 4 of 5 Stars! [4 of 5 Stars!]
Date Added: 08/27/2020

This mask is comfortable and easy to use. Easy on and off. I rated four stars as you have to play with the nose pillows to get it just right.

Daniel D
Date Added: 11/24/2019
Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
Date Added: 11/24/2019


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