Fisher & Paykel Vitera Full Face CPAP Mask with Headgear
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Fisher & Paykel Vitera Full Face CPAP Mask with Headgear

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Vitera Full Face Mask by Fisher & Paykel

The Vitera Full Face CPAP mask by Fisher & Paykel is designed with the customer in mind. The mask provides stability, adaptability, and breathability, making it one of the best full-face masks that will work in harmony with your CPAP therapy. This mask will give you a better sleeping experience.

Lightweight Frame and Stability Bar
This lightweight, low-profile frame provides a zone of support using a stability bar that allows the cushion to adjust and seal while moving around in bed. The Fisher & Paykel Vitera Frame fits all three-size cushions, so there's no need to buy a whole new mask if you just need to change the size. The Swivel elbow that attaches to your hose easily moves around, allowing you to sleep in any position. The exhalation port on the frame has been smartly placed to blow upwards and away instead of downwards, keeping you comfortable.

Freedom to Move
The dynamic Rollfit XT Cushion adapts to your movement during the night by keeping the cushion in place while reducing pressure on the bridge of your nose. This unique cushion shape is designed to fit a wide range of face shapes while minimizing mask leaks. Blue color coding on the cushion and mask frame provides easy identification of where to place the cushion.

Vitera Headgear with VentiCool
The Vitera Headgear features breathable fabric that allows 24 times more airflow and 35% more moisture transfer than previous Fisher & Paykel masks. This VentiCool technology helps keep you cool and comfortable. This custom-made headgear also features two quick-release clips on the side of the frame and has a total of 5 different adjustment points adjusting at the top of the head, both sides of the forehead, and on both sides of the cheeks.

myMask Vitera Mask Fitting App:

Now the F&P myMask mask fitting App is up, download it to fine-tune your Vitera Mask today:
For Apple: Download Here
For Android: Download Here

Key Features:

  • Stability bar allows the cushion to easily adjust
  • RollFit XT Seal keeps the seal in place while reducing pressure on the bridge of the nose
  • VentiCool Headgear utilizes breathable fabric
  • Vitera five-point headgear adjustment
  • Quick Release clips on headgear
  • Blue highlights on the mask to assist with cushion connection

In the Package

  • Fisher & Paykel Vitera Mask Frame with Integrated Elbow and Swivel
  • Vitera Headgear with VentiCool Technology
  • Vitera Full Face RollFit XT Seal
  • Vitera headgear Clips with Forehead Clip

Accessories and Replacement Parts

  • Fisher & Paykel Vitera Headgear with Venticool sizes Small and Med/Large
  • Fisher & Paykel Vitera RollFit XT Seals in Small, Med, and Large sizes
  • Vitera headgear Clips and Forehead Clip

The Operating Range supports pressure 4-30 CM h20

Respshop Product Review

When this mask came out I was very impressed with the amount of research that went into this product! Fisher & Paykel shared with our company what exactly goes into creating a new mask, and I have to say it was impressive, to say the least. I took the Vitera CPAP mask home to give it a go.  I usually wear a nasal mask unless I have a cold or unless I am reviewing a new mask, so my preference leans toward the nasal versions. I was pleasantly surprised by how comfortable the Vitera Full Face mask is. It is also imperative that my line of sight not be obstructed since I like to read in bed, and for a full face mask, this did the trick. A couple of things that I like about this mask, in particular, is the very comfortable cushion which Fisher & Paykel call the RollFit XT Seal because the cushion really does roll or glide to stay in place as you move, and it auto-adjusts to reduce leaks and pressure around my nose. 
I also really like the headgear because it was adjustable in 5 areas. Once you have it adjusted to your liking, you have two quick-release tabs on the frame for easy release. The VentiCool headgear creates a very stable yet cool feeling to the mask, which means no slipping around while you sleep. 
My final thoughts on this mask are that it is very comfortable and a convenient CPAP mask for its users.

Recommended If You Have Facial Hair

If you are still shopping and looking for additional guidance on masks to consider, read on!

We all have unique facial structures and RespShop stocks a large variety of masks for CPAP so that everyone can find something that works best for them. Facial hair simply adds another wrinkle to the search for the mask that is your ticket to better sleep. For mouth-breathing beard wearers, don’t worry. Look for full-face designs that rest low on the chin or that have soft frames that conform to the face. The Fisher Paykel Vitera is a traditionally shaped full-face mask that sits low on the nose and chin. This type of full-face mask works very well with facial hair.

When shopping for a CPAP mask to wear with facial hair, don’t fall into the trap of sizing up. Use the size guide and select the size that fits your facial structure. Over-sizing results in leaks, frustration, and discomfort.  

HCPCS Code A7030
  • Updated Vitera Mask & Cushion Sizing GuideDownload

In The Package 

  • Fisher & Paykel Vitera Headgear
  • Fisher & Paykel Vitera Full Face RollFit XT Seal
  • Fisher & Paykel Vitera Mask Frame with Integrated Elbow & Swivel
  • Fisher & Paykel Vitera Headgear Clips with Forehead Clip
4.6 Based on 20 reviews
Edward L 10/25/2021
5 of 5 Stars!

Subject: Finally
mask. After 3 years going through so many masks I quit using my CPAP therapy. 2021 I started researching the Fisher and Paykel Altera. All I can say is I've had blissful deep sleep with this amazing mask. No leaks and super comfortable

Kurt 07/26/2021
5 of 5 Stars!

Subject: Underrated
It seems like people don't know Fisher & Paykel masks as well as Resmed and Phillips masks, but I've had nothing but a pleasant experience with the vitera. It has an excellent seal which rarely, if ever, lets any air escape. I sleep very well and it's also fairly comfortable. Overall, it's an excellent mask with no noticeable flaws.

Devin I 07/16/2021
3 of 5 Stars!

Subject: Tight but works
The worst pressure points are my forehead and nose. When I adjust my mask too tight, my forehead and nose almost always feel painful by the morning. Also, if you're looking for a mask that doesn't leave marks in the morning, I wouldn't get this one. Every day I have a lot of marks on my face that sometimes takes until noon to go away.
But the mask definitely does its job well. I have not experienced any leaks so far after 3 weeks of using my mask. It sits correctly on my face throughout the night and I don't have to adjust it at all during the night. IT is also easy to take apart and put together which makes it easy to clean. I spend much less time figuring out how to put together this mask after drying it compared to my old mask.
If you're looking for a new full face mask, don't let me discourage you from trying this mask because my face might be a weird shape. My experience was this one was mostly good other than the tightness and the marks. (3/5 rating)

Robert S(Verified Purchase) 05/20/2021
5 of 5 Stars!

Subject: Review
I was very pleased at the speed in which my order was processed and shipped. Excellent service!

Jerry 05/05/2021
5 of 5 Stars!

I tend to toss and turn a good amount at night when I sleep, so I’ve had a lot of trouble with masks shifting in the past. As such, I decided to look for a design that seemed like it would be very secure and the Vitera seemed like a perfect choice. It cradles your head at almost every point and I can attest that it has drastically reduced any slippage issues I had.

The headgear is great and has 5 stars which is how it’s able to hold on so well. It doesn’t feel overly heavy or uncomfortable though, since the straps are a light and breathable material. On the backside, the part that cradles your nape is a plush mesh. It makes the headgear very breathable/airy, so my head doesn’t get hot anymore. Another huge plus.

Aside from the fantastic harness, the mask is very solid. Large, well-padded cushion spreads the pressure quite well and I had no problems breathing. I personally don’t use glasses but I imagine this mask would work sufficiently with glasses. The vertical bar comes off your face pretty far so I think you can slip glasses underneath.

It’s also nice that the air feed can swivel, that’s a must-have feature in my book.

Gene L 04/23/2021
5 of 5 Stars!

5-star mask all around. It fits well, feels comfortable, and does its job. What more could you want in a mask?

Things I like:
Right off the bat, the nose cushion is very well designed. It uses something called Rollfit technology which means it adjusts to your face shape and movements during the night. I can’t explain it but it definitely works. No leakage or uncomfortable shifting during the middle of night, I can feel secure that it’ll stay there and do its job. There’s three sizes you can choose, but I recommend just getting the FitPack since it’s the same price and you get all three cushions to try out.

I like the headgear too, it’s not revolutionary but does its jobs well and has some particular strong points. It has five points of adjustment, four for the cheeks and forehead, and one for the top of your head. I had no problem finding a good fit and even though I was a little unsure about the strap over the top of the head, I haven’t had any comfort issues from it. On the back, the part that cradles your head, it’s a soft mesh material. They say it helps with heat dissipation. I don’t have issues with a hot pillow but I think this little touch should help people who do. The clasps for releasing the straps from the cushion are fine, not much to say here but sufficient for easily taking the mask off in the morning.

Things I don’t like:
I haven’t any issues but there is a small potential for future problems with the plastic bar that runs up between your eyes. On some other masks, that is a part that breaks over time. Hasn’t happened with me on this mask, but something worth pointing out.

Michelle D(Verified Purchase) 03/04/2021
5 of 5 Stars!

I've used a CPAP for over 20 years and this is the first mask I have liked. Because of COVID and the need for a new sleep study, my insurance won't cover a new face mask so I bought this one on recommendation of Respshop. This mask doesn't leak and the head gear doesn't shift like other masks. I used to wake up several times during the night just to re-shift the head gear so my mask wouldn't leak. Now it is a lot less. I like that a lot. My insurance company never gave me a facemask option. They don't care about the fit, but if you have options I recommend trying this one and others to see what works best for you.

James K 03/04/2021
5 of 5 Stars!

I have been trying to get used to this machine for almost a year.. trying various masks, styles, sizes, with no positive outcome. Finally, with this mask, comes relief... it's comfortable, stays in place, Finally! for me? this one works.

Grunwald G(Verified Purchase) 08/22/2020
5 of 5 Stars!

I like this mask! It's comfortable and quiet. It's also easy to don, doff and clean.

Heyne H(Verified Purchase) 11/01/2019
5 of 5 Stars!

I love the Vitera Full Face Mask by Fisher and Paykel this company is a go to for me. I switch between the Bravida nasel pillows. This has a silky soft cushion when it touches my face. One thing missing is the air diffuser! One improvement in next generation mask, please to have an air diffuser.

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What size is the headgear that comes with the fit pack? I see that you sell the head gear separately but have two sizes available. Does the fit pack comes with the small or medium/large head gear?
The fitpack comes with med/lg headgear
I want to replace my Fisher and Paykel Simplus head gear with the Vitera and I am not certain of the mask size so I have selected the fit pack. I wish to seek confirmation that the fit pack comes with the head gear. Thanks
Hello, If you order this one it will come with headgear. but the model number to purchase is the VIT1SMLA. If you have additional questions please feel free to contact us at 1-866-936-3754
Is this mask compatible with 15mm tubing?
Yes all masks are compatible with any tubing and cpap machine.
I am waiting for a bipap machine. Will this mask work with one.
Yes, this mask is compatible with all BIPAP and CPAP machines
Is this mask ok to use with Phillips dreamstation cpap machine?
Yes, this mask is completely compatible with the DreamStation, like all masks on our site.
Do you have a tube extension for this mask or can we order longer tubing for this mask?
Hi, I would recommend ordering another tube with a connector to connect them together. That way you will have 12 ft of hose instead of 6 ft if needed. Thank you.

If not using heated hose then I would use this one with this connector in the 22 mm or number RES014
Is the Vitera Full Face Mask compatible with AirFit20 masks?
These mask do not have inter-compatibility between parts, however they both have standard tubing attachments to work with a standard CPAP machine.
What is the Fit Pack?

Also, if this mask doesn't fit me well can I return it and use the credit towards a different mask?
HI there, the Fit Pack comes with all 3 sizes so you can try them all at once, without having to buy a different size.

We have a Mask assurance program which is applicable once in a 6 month period. You let us know if the mask does not work out for you within 30 days, and we will provide you with store credit towards a different mask. Thank you.
I have ordered my machine and a mask. Does the machine come with the hose or does the face mask have a hose with it?
Most of the machines come with a hose/tubing. You can check to see if the machine your ordered comes with a hose/tubing by click on the "Item Includes" tab on the webpage.

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