CPAP Humidifier, Water Chambers and Parts

For greater comfort and increased effectiveness when using a CPAP machine, we highly recommend a CPAP humidifier. Heated humidifiers use a water chamber and heated place to improve the comfort of CPAP patients by putting moisture back into dry compressed air. Users can adjust the temperature or turn it off so the unit acts as a passive humidifier.

Why is Humidified Air Important in a CPAP Machine?

For most patients using a CPAP machine, humidified air is essential for getting a good night's sleep during CPAP therapy. When you use a heated humidifier as part of your CPAP, BiPAP, VPAP, or APAP device, the moisturized air you breathe can eliminate possible after-effects such as a dry throat, cotton mouth, nasal congestion, or even a bloody nose. These side effects are not uncommon with CPAP therapy, but they can be greatly reduced or eliminated with a heated CPAP humidifier. This device will keep the air warm, moist and comfortable. Adjustable settings make the experience even more agreeable since each user can customize their sleep apnea therapy. The result is that you'll wake up feeling more rested and with greater energy.

At RespShop, we have a wide selection of heated humidifiers to choose from that are designed to work with different CPAP machines. Give our CPAP experts a call and they can direct you to the best humidifier for your unit.

Replacement CPAP Humidifier Parts

For the convenience of our CPAP customers, we also sell high-quality CPAP humidifier water chambers and replacement CPAP humidifier parts. Water chambers, because they can experience mineral and calcium buildup over time, must occasionally be replaced to maintain optimal performance and quality of therapy. We carry different models for various units. You'll also discover a variety of replacement parts for your CPAP humidifier, such as a heated tube upgrade kit, replacement hoses, covers, inlet seals, and sealing gaskets.

Note: If you're looking for a more compact unit with humidification, Fisher and Paykel's Icon CPAP machines and ResMed's AirSense/AirCurve 10 CPAP machines include built-in humidifiers.