ResMed H5i Standard Sealed Water Tub For S9 CPAP

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Key Features:

  • Replacement Sealed Water Chamber for all ResMed S9 CPAPs and BiPAPs
  • Maximum Capacity 380ml
  • Hand Wash Only
Product Details

Replacement Sealed H5i Water Chamber for S9 Series by ResMed

The Replacement Sealed H5i Water Chamber is compatible with all ResMed S9 Series CPAP and BiPAP machines. This water chamber is the standard version that comes with your S9 device and cannot be opened. It is not dishwasher safe and should only be hand washed with warm water and mild detergent. For the dishwater safe version that can be opened, see ResMed H5i Cleanable Water Chamber For S9 CPAP .

How to Clean Your H5i Water Chamber

Technical Data
Item Includes

1x S9 H5i Sealed Water Chamber

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Greg G
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It's just a humidifier tank, use distilled water and keep a filter on the PAP device, it won't need a regular cleaning. I've had three tanks (sealed) total for my Fischer Paykel device that I've had for 20 years but the first two were somewhat fouled by occasional use of tap water. You do what you must.

I've an S8 Elite CPAP with humidifier for five years and it's just fine with the original tank. Pristine.

Four stars for build quality, but I'll be buying the dishwasher safe version for a replacement, just so I can use reverse osmosis water that isn't as mineral free as supermarket distilled water. If I need to.
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Shao-Jung Y
Was this helpful?
I really do not know how will be designed to not be able to take apart for clean, very inconvenient and not hygiene. Now I'm considering to buy a Cleanable Water Tub, It,s extra expense .
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Stephen P
Was this helpful?
I agree, What good is it if you can only superficially clean. Pneumonia bacteria hide in the cracks and crevices inside the unit. Very unsafe. should be discontinued
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David D
Was this helpful?
I agree with all of the former posters, the machine originally came with this type of humidifier tub and I couldn't wait to get rid of it.

Stay away from it
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Marty M
Was this helpful?
HOW ARE YOU SUPPOSE TO CLEAN THE INSIDE OF THIS SEALED WATER CHAMBER! it would be easier for people to use if they can clean. USELESS!
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Was this helpful?
How is this dishwasher safe if you cannot take it apart? The seal makes it impossible to do this.
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