Headgear For ResMed AirFit F40 Full Face CPAP Mask (with Magnetic Clips)

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Key Features:

  • Replacement headgear for AirFit F40 Full Face Mask
  • Four adjustment points for a tailored fit
  • Includes magnetic clips (one pair)
  • Three sizes: small, standard and large
Product Details

ResMed AirFit F40 Full Face CPAP Mask Headgear

Featuring snap on/off magnetic clips* for easy fitting and four adjustable points, the AirFit F40 Headgear keeps your AirFit F40 Full Face Mask securely in place. Engineered to evenly spread pressure, the headgear ensures a snug and comfortable fit all night long.

The AirFit F40 Headgear comes in three sizes — small, standard and large — and is compatible with all AirFit F40 mask parts.

*Mask magnets should be kept at least 6 inches (150 mm) away from implants or medical devices that may be adversely affected by magnetic fields. Learn more about the ResMed CPAP Masks with Magnets Safety Update.


How do I find my AirFit F40 headgear size?
The F40 headgear size (small, standard or large) is located on the back of the headgear on the colored neck pad. We recommend starting off with the standard headgear, which fits most users comfortably, and then sizing up or down as needed. 

How often should I replace my AirFit F40 headgear?
RespShop recommends replacing CPAP headgear every 6-12 months to ensure optimal fit. The exact replacement frequency will depend on how often you use your mask.

Technical Data
64633, 64634, 64635
90 days
Item Includes

1x AirFit F40 Headgear with one pair of magnetic clips

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