ResMed AirFit F40 Full Face CPAP Mask Cushion

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Key Features:

  • Replacement cushion for AirFit F40 Full Face Mask
  • 100% silicone for softness
  • Adapts to the face and moves with you
  • Under-the-nose fit
  • Three sizes: small-wide, medium and large
Product Details

ResMed AirFit F40 Full Face CPAP Mask Cushion

Exclusively for the ResMed AirFit F40 Full Face Mask, this fully silicone under-the-nose cushion provides a soft and adaptive seal all night long. Its AdaptiSeal™ technology ensures the cushion rests securely under your nose and stays in place, no matter how you move. Focusing on both comfort and high seal performance, the AirFit F40 cushion is designed to make it easier to stick with your sleep therapy. 

Available in three sizes — small-wide, medium, large — it’s easy to find an AirFit F40 cushion that works for you. All three sizes are compatible with the same mask frame, allowing you to size up or down with minimal hassle. 


How do I find my AirFit F40 cushion size?
The cushion size (SW, M or L) is located on the bottom right side of the cushion. You can use the AirFit F40 Fitting Template to find your best-fitting cushion size.

  1. Stand in front of a mirror and place the template under your nose. 
  2. Position your nose above the blue Medium cushion box. Check if your nose width and length fit into the box. Repeat the process with the purple Small-Wide and gray Large cushion box.
  3. Choose the cushion size that allows your nose to fit inside the box. If your nose fits into more than one box, choose the box that is the best fit for your nose width.

How do I remove and reinsert the vent ring from my AirFit F40 cushion?

  1. With the front of the cushion facing you, pull the vent ring out of one side of the cushion. 
  2. Gently pull the vent ring free from the cushion. 


  1. With the front of the cushion facing you, align the vent ring against the cushion opening. 
  2. Push the vent ring into the opening, pulling the cushion up and over the vent ring groove to ensure the vent ring sits in the cushion.

How do I clean my AirFit F40 cushion?
The AirFit F40 cushion, along with the vent ring, short tubing, and elbow, should be cleaned daily. 

  1. Disassemble the mask. Please refer to your AirFit F40 User Manual for complete instructions.
  2. Soak the mask parts in warm water with mild soap. Shake the parts in the water and use a soft bristle brush to gently clean the holes in the vent ring.
  3. Rinse the mask parts well under running water and air dry away from direct sunlight. 

How often should I replace my AirFit F40 cushion?
RespShop recommends replacing CPAP mask cushions every 3-6 months in order to maintain an effective seal. Silicone cushions soften over time and replacing your cushion regularly helps make sure you continue to receive optimal therapy.

Technical Data
64627, 64628, 64629
90 days
Item Includes

1x AirFit F40 Full Face Cushion in the selected size

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