ResMed AirFit N30i CPAP Mask Replacement Cushion
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ResMed AirFit N30i CPAP Mask Replacement Cushion

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N30i Mask Replacement Nasal Cushion

The N30i cushion is a great replacement piece to have as general wear and tear will happen to your original. Designed as a curved cradle cushion, the intention is for this to be used strictly with the AirFit N30i Nasal CPAP Mask. With so many different types of uniquely shaped nasal structures, ResMed was sure to produce multiple sizes and widths giving you a chance to find the size that suits you best. Coming in four different sizes: Small, Medium, Small Wide, and Wide, there is a size meant for you for sure. 

Quiet Air Vent Technology (2021 version)

The updated cushion design QuietAir™ diffused vent technology is designed to offer a less disruptive, quieter night’s sleep. ResMed updated the AirFit N30i mask cushion by removing the plastic front panel and replacing it with a softer silicone frame. The original vent holes were replaced with a QuietAir vent, on the front of the mask cushion, this new feature reduced sound emissions to whisper-quiet levels.

Note: This particular nasal cushion is only compatible with the AirFit N30i Nasal CPAP Mask by ResMed and cannot be used with other masks on the market.

To alleviate confusion, ResMed has color-coded each cushion to prevent the wrong size from being purchased if you are looking to replace your current cushion but do not know the size.

The colors are listed below: 

  • Red= Small
  • Blue= Medium
  • Purple=Small Wide
  • Gray=Wide 
  • The material used in the production of the N30i is Silicone based only and does not contain any other materials such as latex.
Model 63813, 63812, 63811, 63810
HCPCS Code A7032
2.5rating Based on 19 reviews
Michele M 02/07/2022
1 of 5 Stars!

Subject: N30i redesign is awful
The new design is awful. It doesn't allow the exhale to escape fully through the vent, so the pillow moves when pressure builds. This keeps me awake and adjusting my mask all night long. The old version was so much better.

Hi there, we are sorry this nose piece did not work for you. Please reach out to us and we can see if there is anything we can do to correct this for you. 866-936-3754

Paris B 02/11/2022
1 of 5 Stars!

Subject: New nose cushion
It’s horrible I do not get any air flow. This new cushion defeats the purpose of cpap!
Who is in charge of this design?
Trying to kill its wearers?

Thank you for reaching out to us! I have this cushion and have not experienced the issue you described. You can also request the older version of the cushion if you prefer, so give us a call.
Your Repshop Team

Rich F 03/28/2022
1 of 5 Stars!

Subject: AirFit N30i Replacement Cushions
Went from less than 20 L/min. to an avg. over 40. This new design is unsatisfactory and cannot believe it passed the approval process at ResMed.

I am sorry this mask has not worked for you. Please contact our customer service department and we would be happy to help you. We do have a 30 day mask return program.

Doris B 03/08/2022
1 of 5 Stars!

Subject: Wrong piece
No way to return because it will not fit my machine

Hello, please give us a call. We are always willing to help you find the correct item and size if you ordered incorrectly. I always recommend calling in to purchase so we can make sure we get the correct item to you.

Cris L 05/25/2022
5 of 5 Stars!

Subject: Excellent Replacement!
The cold air was blowing on my wife's back and causing my wife lung problems with the Old nasal cushion now with the new quiet technology the cold air does not come out directly and Now my wife can wake up with no back pain. God bless whom invented this upgrade!

Gretchen A 02/25/2022
5 of 5 Stars!

Subject: N30i mask
Changed size from medium to small and my leaks stopped! LinCare has been fitting me for medium, all wrong!. Fast shipping from your company. Thank you.

Dennis J(Verified Purchase) 12/15/2021
5 of 5 Stars!

Subject: ResMed AirFit N30i CPAP Mask Replacement Cushion
These new version 2021 of the ResMed AirFit N30i CPAP Mask Replacement Cushion are a much improved design. they are way more comfortable to wear.

Tim R(Verified Purchase) 09/29/2020
5 of 5 Stars!

I tried to the ResMed airFit N30I mask, and found it really comfortable. The replacement cushions are
very comfortable.

Maggie C 05/27/2022
5 of 5 Stars!

Subject: Nasal cushions
With my new Airsense 11 these are working great again. My sleep is improving!

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Have a question on this item? Ask here and we will answer it in 12-24 hours, usually in a few business hours! Questions and answers will appear here after we answer. You may also have email notifications.
How is the new air vent supposed to be cleaned?
You can clean this by using submerging it in warm soapy water (please use a mild soap) and using a soft bristle brush (eg toothbrush) to scrub it gently. Rinse throughly and let air dry. Recommended to wash daily.
Can I order just one size (SW) rather than the whole pack?
Yes it will only come with the one size you order. The picture just shows you what sizes are available, but you do not get all of them.
I can't breathe with the new nose cushions. Also they dont fit properly and lots of air coming out of the top. And no air is coming out of the vents. I am so disappointed. I was sleeping so well with the old ones. I cant use these and I loved the old ones with the hard plastic. Can I still get the old type?
Unfortunately, we do not have the old version any longer. The diffuser on the new one is definitely tighter than the old style, but you should still have air venting out the front, it is just diffused more so that it isn't as strong when blowing on the user or their bed partner.
Are all under nose attachments compatible. I have dreamwear under the nose model#1116746.
Those are not compatible. The only ones compatible with this model are the ones on this page, and the nasal pillows. (Search "63862" to find the nasal pillow ones)
I have the Airfit p30i mask. I don't like the nostril pieces and would prefer a mask without them. Can I use the n30i replacement pillow with the p30i mask? Thank you.
Yes to imporve fit and comfort, they are interchangeable.
Do you have the new model of N30i replacement cushions in stock?
Note: Respshop also carries the newer version of this product. When you place an order, please specify if you want the newer version using the notes in the order checkout page.
I would like to purchase the older style nasal pillow for the N30i mask. I do not want the one with the quiet air vent.
If there are any starter packs eith thr older pillows, I could buy that also.
Please contact our office and talk with customer service. Thank you
does the new version 30i nasal cushion perform like the old version? As i look for replacement i have the old version and wonder if i will be happy with the new version becasue I dont see the holes and see a padding there.
Look at the smaller photos on the left of the big picture on the website.
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