Oxygen Supply Tube 7ft By Sunset Health

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Key Features:

  • Kink-Free for reliable oxygen delivery
  • Lightweight and Crush-Resistant
  • "No Memory": tubing remains straight when uncoiled
  • Clear
Product Details

7ft Oxygen Supply Tubing by Sunset Health

Sunset Healthcare's clear 7ft oxygen tubing is crush-resistant and kink-free for consistent air/oxygen delivery. It can be used to add supplemental oxygen to a CPAP or BiPAP machine or it can be connected to an oxygen nasal cannula interface for oxygen therapy. 

To add oxygen to your CPAP or BiPAP, connect one end of the 7ft oxygen tubing to an oxygen enrichment adapter. This adapter should be connected to your mask. Connect the other end of the oxygen tubing directly to your oxygen concentrator. 

Note: This oxygen supply tubing is also available in a length of 25ft. Oxygen Tubing Swivel Connectors can be used to link varying lengths of oxygen tubing together.

Technical Data
7 ft (2.1 m)
Item Includes

1x 7ft Oxygen Supply Tubing

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