Oxygen Concentrator Nasal Cannula without Tubing

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Key Features:

  • Curved nasal prongs for greater comfort
  • Kink-resistant and memory-free for uninterrupted airflow
  • Latex-free
  • Maximum flow rate 6LPM
  • Compatible with various oxygen supply tubing lengths
Product Details

Adult Nasal Cannula without Supply Tubing

Sunset Healthcare's Adult Nasal Cannula without Supply Tubing is tested and proven to provide maximum safety and comfort. This cannula is kink-free to ensure uninterrupted airflow for your therapy and features soft and curved nasal prongs for enhanced comfort.

Oxygen supply tubing is not included. This nasal cannula needs to be connected to a supply tubing for use. 

Directions For Use

  1. Attach the nasal cannula to an oxygen supply tubing of the desired length.
  2. Connect the oxygen supply tubing to your oxygen delivery system of choice. 
  3. Turn on the device and verify that the oxygen flows continuously without any interruptions.
  4. Insert the nasal prongs into the nostrils with the curvature facing downwards.
  5. Draw the tubes over the ears, allowing the cannula to rest comfortably against the cheekbones.
  6. Adjust the slider so it rests comfortably under the chin and secures the cannula in place.


  • Single-patient use only
  • Contains Phthalates
  • Do not sterilize
  • Keep tubing straight and free from kinks
Technical Data
Item Includes

1x Adult Nasal Cannula without Supply Tubing

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Gwen K
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Subject: not what I needed
This is not what I needed, I needed the cannula with the tubing, I didn't know yall just sent the small cannula without any tubing. I usually get mine free from the oxygen supply place but they were closed and I needed it at the time, but I will know next time to read it more closely.
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Q&As (3)
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Are the nasal cannula soft without tubing with a male connector.

This particular item that you're looking at is the Nasal Cannula only with a male connector. So you would need to buy tubing to which will connect to this without a swivel connector.

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Looking for oxygen concentrator canula nasal tube with concentrator with hose. Seen you have one without hose. Not sure if it's called concentrator. It's 3 inch container that catches moisture in line of the hose

Hi there, I'm sorry, but we do not carry the part you are describing. It sounds like you're looking for a condensation collector for O2, or a water trap.

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Do I remove the swivel on my tubing and plug the tender grip cannula into tube

You can pull the swivel connector out of your oxygen tubing. It may require some force if you've never pulled it out before. Once the swivel is removed, just push the end of the cannula into the oxygen tubing. It should be a tight fit.

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