Sunset Healthcare Adult 7ft/15ft/25ft Nasal Cannula Oxygen Supply Tubing

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Key Features:

  • Latex-Free
  • Flexible and Kink-Resistant
  • Curved Nasal Prongs for superior fit and comfort
  • Available in 7ft, 15ft and 25ft
  • For 1-6 LPM Oxygen Delivery
Product Details

Adult Nasal Oxygen Cannula by Sunset Healthcare

The Sunset Adult Oxygen Nasal Cannula is designed for comfort and reliability. The curved nasal prongs reduces nasal irritation and the kink and crush resistant tubing ensures continuous and reliable oxygen delivery. Available in lengths of 7ft, 15ft, and 25ft, this oxygen cannula offers flexibility in mobility, allowing you to move around more freely without worrying about pulling or snagging the tubing. The varied lengths also make it suitable for different environments, whether it is a small apartment or a larger space.

These oxygen cannulas are individually packaged and available in packs of 1, 5, 10 or 25. 

How to Wear a Nasal Cannula

  • The cannula has two small prongs. Insert into the nostril, with the curved prongs pointing downwards towards the nostrils.
  • Lift the tubes so that they sit on either side of the nose and carefully fit them over your ears.
  • Adjust the slider up under the chin to secure the cannula.


Do you need to worry about kinking?
No, the Nasal Cannula is kink resistant. You will not need to worry about your oxygen flow being interrupted.

Technical Data
RES1107, RES1115, RES1125
3.52 oz
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Elizabeth W
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Subject: Soft cannula
I ordered 10 soft adult cannula. Nine were correct and one was a regular cannula.

Hi there, the packaging could have been updated or there may have been a shipping error. Please contact us so we can correct this and send out the correct missing item. 866-936-3754. Thank you.

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Hi my uncle had this machine when he passed away my cousin gave to me and I gave to a resident at my assisted living . How can I get it serviced ?it says technical fault

Sorry, what machine? The Philips one? We do not offer repairs for machines if not purchased from us. We recommend checking where this machine was purchased from or you may contact Philips customer service at 1-800-345-6443.

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How much tubing can I have connected to my oxygen concentrator?

You should not add more than 70ft to your at home concentrator.

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Can the unit be plugged in at night and the continuous option be used with a cpap?

If I am understanding your question correctly, you're wondering if you can hook up an oxygen concentrator to your CPAP?
If that is the question than yes you definitely can, you would need to get an oxygen enrichment adaptor:

Then you can connect your oxygen at night, and use them both simultaneously together.

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