ResMed DC Converter 12V and 24V 90W For AirSense/AirStart/AirCurve 10 CPAP Machines
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ResMed DC Converter 12V and 24V 90W For AirSense/AirStart/AirCurve 10 CPAP Machines

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12V/24V to 24V DC Converter for ResMed AirSense, AirStart, and AirCurve CPAP and VPAP

The DC Converter (from 12V/24V DC to 24V DC) 90W is intended for use with ResMed's new AirSense, AirStart, and AirCurve devices. The converter connects your machine to a twelve-volt or twenty-four-volt battery power source, including the charger found in most boats, cars, and recreational vehicles. The converter will power your device even while you're using your heated humidifier.


The DC Converter should only be used with your new AirSense, AirStart, or AirCurve device. Using this cord with an older machine, including previous ResMed models, may damage your device or the cord itself.

Cigarette Style Power Outlets

The DC Converter is compatible with all cigarette-style power outlets, as well as any other socket capable of charging a DC converter. This flexibility allows you to travel with your CPAP without arduous restrictions.

Key Features

  • Powers Your CPAP Remotely
  • Capable of Connecting to External Battery, either 12v or 24v DC
  • Small and Lightweight

Assemble your components in the following steps:

  1. Connect the alligator clips of your cable adapter to the appropriate terminals on your stand-alone, deep-cycle battery.  Be sure to properly align the positive and negative clips to the appropriate terminals on the battery.
  2. Plug the DC-source plug from your ResMed DC-to-DC converter into the DC power outlet on the cable adapter attached to your battery.
  3. Connect the device power cord from the DC-to-DC converter to the power port of your ResMed CPAP machine.


  • Length of DC Cord:     9 feet 5 inches (approx.)
  • Length of Alligator Clips and Cord:     2 ft
  • Fuse Rating:     20A
  • DC Power Consumption:     51 Watts; 106 Watts Peak


Will this work with the AirSense for Her too?

Yes, it is compatible with all AirSense models.

Note:  The Converter is not compatible with the Power Station II Battery Pack.
           (The DC cable for the Power Station II is available, 37343).

Technical Data
  • User Instruction GuideDownload
  • Using Stand Alone, Deep Cycle Batteries GuideDownload
Machine Weight
Converter - 1.7 lbs; Converter with Alligator Clips - 2.23 lbs
Machine Size Only
6.5 x 2.5 x 1.5 inches
1 year
Battery Voltage - 12V or 24V
Item Includes
  • DC Converter
  • 12v DC Adapter Cable with Alligator Clips
  • Instructions Booklet
Reviews (4)
Bruce B 03/03/2016
5 of 5 Stars!

I was wary of paying the listed price for an adapter, which I assumed would be like other ones around the house. In fact, this is a robust and hefty unit which is probably worth the money. It certainly will not fit in a purse or handbag. It is a simple matter to get a deep-cycle battery or two and a perpetual charger and have a system which will run at least all night and maybe longer. Our longest outage so far has been three days, and that is what I planned for, with two batteries. I bought a small NOCO charger from another vendor. AT ALL TIMES AVOID ACCIDENTALLY CROSSING THE BATTERY TERMINALS. This warning should be more prominent in association with this wiring set.

David D(Verified Purchase) 07/15/2020
3 of 5 Stars!

Product is solid. My only issue was that it took a very long time to show up after my credit card was charged. After a call to customer service, an injury was initiated. Seems that the item was out of stock even though the web indicated otherwise. Item arrived today. Start to finish, plus one phone call was 14 days. Overall, not as fast as I had hope for, but it did arrive. As represented. So, only 3 stars as the order process failed. To their credit, customer service did solve the problem. But only because i inquired. Charging my credit card and not shipping is not right.

Guest 05/14/2020
5 of 5 Stars!

The biggest problem with the battery pack was lack of having the owner manual link. Once I received the link it works great. The other item to realize, which might be intuitive but wasn’t to me, is you use your CPAP power cord in conjunction with the adapter to charge your battery. Loved this for RV’ng without having power.

Steve B 03/14/2020
5 of 5 Stars!

Have not tried it out yet... I t certainly looks good

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Q&As (7)
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Does the AirSense11 use the same type DC outlet as an AirSense10?
Hi there, we do not carry the Airsense 11 at this time. We are unable to confirm if the plug is the same. Please call ResMed to inquire: 1-800-424-0737.
Hello, jus' to gain info, and clarify?! I've previously used a 12V deep cycle battery w/adapters made for each Responics Dream Station (T.M.) and earlier model as well, separate adaptors for each unit! Different plug-in jacks those units both were essentially (12-volts)! I'll be hopefully using my ResMed Airsense 10 AutoSet Cpap devise, in a (remote off the grid wilderness area) in mid Oct. For (2-wks abt.)! Will this device enable me to use my new Cpap w/single (12-V deep cycle battery, or (2-12 V deep cycle batteries connected in series) for 24-volts? If so what is longevity time approximately use before recharging batteries? *note: I will consider investing into (2-brand new 12-Volt deep cycle batteries) if it especially increases extends time life between recharging batteries? If single (12-V d.c.) will work ab't. how long, and no humidity will be used! Thanks,
Hi there,

the resmed Airsense S10auto would need the 24V battery. The 12V battery supply is only for the Respironics unit.
Can this DC converter be used to charge the Medistrom Pilot-24 Lite from a 12 volt source or do I need to order Car Charger for Pilot Lite 24 #P99ACCPCC to charge the battery? Thanks
You would need the Medistrom car charger P99ACCPCC to charge the Pilot 24 Lite.
Thank you
Can you recharge the battery thru a standard home style plug in??
Hi this is to be used with a car battery of some sort and cannot be used with an AC plug in to charge. Thank you
I have a 350w rechargeable electric battery/ generator the maker is rocpals will this cable work well with it. It has an outlet like cigarette lighter on it
Second question is the battery is also 110v outlet also but isn't it better to use the DC adaptor Than the AC outlet I hear DC will last double the time than straight AC
Thank you so much... Mike
Hello Mike, Unfortunley we do not know the information about Rocpals battery. This would be a question for their company or better for resmed tech support. I can certainly assist and support you with the battery packs and ResMed DC convertors sold from out site. Resmed Tech support can be reached at 1800 424 0737.
Will this work whith byond resplus B-30p Bi-level pap
Hello, Unfortunately, no. This is only designed to work with ResMed Airsense/Airstart/Aircurve 10 devices.
How many hours can I run my clap machine off my car battery?
Here is the User Instruction Guide.
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