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Choice One Medical Purdoux CPAP Travel Mask Wipes

Model: CLW12
Choice One Medical Purdoux CPAP Travel Mask Wipes Choice One Medical Purdoux CPAP Travel Mask Wipes Choice One Medical Purdoux CPAP Travel Mask Wipes
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No Prescription Required

Take Your Mask Wipes on the Road

This is the travel friendly package of the Purdoux Mask Wipes from from Choice One Medical. These high abosrbency cotton wipes are recommended for anyone trying to hygienically clean their CPAP mask. The wipes are unscented and feature Aloe Vera; there is no alcohol or other solvents. The wipes are gentle, so they won't prune your hands or damage the silicone in your mask cushion.

Clean Your Equipment Quickly

These high absorbency wipes are ideal for cleaning the bacteria and germs off of your mask quickly. To use, simply wipe all over the surface of your cushion and headgear. Provided that you maintain your mask regularly, you should only have to use one wipe to adequately clean the mask.

Portable Package

The Mask Wipes come in a box featuring twelve sachet. Each sachet holds ten mask wipes in travel friendly rectangular packaging that is ideal for users who want to take their cleaning equipment on the road with them as they travel.

Unscented Wipes

If you can't stand the scent of a typical cleaning wipe, the Purdoux Mask Wipes are ideal for you. While most wipes have a citrus or checmical smelling tinge, these are scentless. You can wipe your mask and then use it for your therapy a minute later without having to inhale anything pungent.

Key Features

  • Aloe Vera
  • 10 Wipes Per Sachet, 12 Sachets
  • Alcohol and Solvent Free
  • Unscented Mask Wipes
  • Ultra Absorbent

Reviewers Tip:

If you like to clean your CPAP mask while you're traveling, this travel friendly package is perfect for you..

Clean CPAP Equipment


Can I get these wipes in different packaging?

Yes, they also come in a canister.

How many wipes are in the box?

The box features twelve sachets with ten wipes per sachet, for a total of 120 wipes.


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by John S Date Added: Tuesday 15 December, 2015

These wipes are great for cleaning when you are traveling.

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