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Citrus II - CPAP Mask Cleaner - Home Use Spray (8 oz)

Model: 635871165
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No Prescription Required

Citrus II - CPAP Mask Cleaner - Home Use Spray (8 oz)

The Citrus II utilizes a gentle cleaning formula that gently removes foreign material from your CPAP device, masks, and accessories. The gentle formula ensures repeated use of the cleaning solution will not crack, harden, or deteriorate soft plastics over time.

Key Features

  • Gentle Cleaning Solution
  • Safe for all CPAP devices, masks, and accessories
  • Effectively removes build up of foreign materials

Reviewers Tip:

Daily uses of the Citrus II spray won't harm you or your CPAP device, masks, or accessories.


Can I carry this cleaning solution on planes?

Yes, you can but the container exceeds the amount of liquid you can take with you travel via air. It is recommended you buy the travel friendly version of the Citrus II.


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