Purdoux CPAP Dust Cover and Protector Mat

Model: PDCM848
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Key Features:

  • Non-slip, BPA-free silicone mat keeps machine in place
  • Protects furniture from water spills and heat damage
  • Mat absorbs vibrations to reduce noise
  • Dust cover shields machine and CPAP equipment from dust and dirt
  • Dishwasher safe mat and machine washable dust cover for easy cleaning
Product Details

Choice One Medical Purdoux CPAP Dust Cover and Machine Protector Mat

The Purdoux CPAP Dust Cover and Protector Mat is a must-have accessory for CPAP users. The non-slip, BPA-free silicone mat provides a solid foundation for your CPAP machine, preventing it from slipping or falling off the nightstand. The silicone material also absorbs machine vibrations, reducing noise for a quieter sleep environment.

This versatile mat doubles as a protective layer against potential water leaks and spills, safeguarding your bedroom furniture from water damage. It also shields your furniture from scratches and heat damage. The dust cover is large enough to encompass your machine, hose and mask, protecting them from dust and dirt during the day when not in use.

Designed for your convenience, the Purdoux CPAP Dust Cover and Protector Mat is easy to clean and easy to store. The Protector Mat is dishwasher safe and can be rolled up for storage; the CPAP Dust Cover is machine washable.

Protector Mat Dimensions:
15.8" x 11.8"
Dust Cover Dimensions: 15" x 10" x 7"

Technical Data
Item Includes

1x Non-Slip BPA-Free Silicone Mat
1x Dust Cover

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If I have the dust cover for my machine, do I still need to change the filter in my machine?

This does not eliminate the need to change your filter. That should still be done on the recommended schedule as it protects the machine internally while the dust cover and map can help protect the machine externally.

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Will this dust cover fit my new Resmed Airsense 11 cpap? I like my bedroom window open but I don't want dust and pollen collecting on my machine.

Yes! This dust cover is 15" x 10" x 7" and fits both the Resmed Airsense 10 and 11 Cpaps. In fact, it will fit all of the cpaps we carry. A great product to keep your CPAP therapy as clean as possible.

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