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ResMed Ultra Mirage Full Face Mask Cushion

Model: 16604, 16605, 16606, 16671, 16672, 16673
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Replacement CPAP Cushion for Full Face Mask

The replacement cushion for the ResMed Ultra Mirage Full Face Mask is a replacement cushion for two different CPAP masks: the Mirage Series 2 Full Face Mask, and the Ultra Mirage Full Face Mask. The replacement comes in six sizes, so you'll be able to find one to fit your face.

Ultra Mirage Full Face CPAP Mask with Headgear

The Ultra Mirage is an ideal face mask for users who suffer from nasal congestion, or people who are sick. The mask's cushion seals effectively without necessitating over-tightening.

ResMed Series 2 Mirage Full Face Mask

The second in the series of Mirage face masks, the Series 2's mask comes with a two-layer cushion. The cushion's outer membrane seals over your face, while the inner layer presses gently against your skin to prevent blemishes and stretch marks.

Key Features

  • Great Replacement
  • Six Different Sizes: Medium Standard, Large Standard, Small Standard, Medium Shallow, Large Shallow, and Small Shallow
  • Fits Easily and Seals Comfortably

Reviewers Tip:

The replacement cushion snaps into place easily -- don't get a new mask, simply get a new cushion.

Recognizing a Poor Mask Fit


Will this fit any of ResMed's nasal masks?

It will not. It will only fit the Ultra Mirage and the Series 2 Mirage, which are both full face masks.

How often should I replace my cushion?

About every two weeks. After two weeks, cushions become compressed, which compromises their ability to seal.

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