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Beaumont makes the popular CPAP Mask Spray. Get the most out of your sleep apnea therapy by treating your equipment with hygienic citrus oils. Remembering to wash your mask regularly will increase the lifespan, while also improving your therapy. Over time, the cushions, pillows, and headgear of your mask will contract oils from your face, which will damage the parts of your mask and cause it to break down faster. By washing your mask regularly, you can slow down this process, saving you money on replacement parts! This spray is designed specifically for CPAP masks and will do a more effective job than typical water and soap.

Not only will washing your CPAP mask save you money, but it will also improve your therapy. One of the biggest effects on the effectiveness sleep apnea therapy is mask leaks. Mask leaks can be caused by numerous factors, but mostly they are related to a poor mask fit or a cushion that needs to be replaced. As cushions break down, your mask will start to leak more, meaning less pressure into your throat or nose from your CPAP machine. We recommend that you spray your mask regularly with this unscented and alcohol-free spray after use. Save money and improve your therapy.

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Citrus II - CPAP Mask Cleaner - Home Use Spray (8 oz)
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