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SoClean produces some of the best CPAP cleaning products on the market, including the popular SoClean II CPAP Sanitizer and Cleaner. The SoClean II will give your mask, cushions, tube, and humidifier chamber clinic-level sanitation, helping to lengthen the life span of your CPAP equipment and ensuring that you are healthy at all times while using your sleep apnea device.

As you breathe in your mask nightly, bacteria can build up on the cushion around your face, and down into the tube and the water chamber that is inside your humidifier. Most CPAP patients know that they should empty their chambers daily and refill them with distilled water, but cleaning a tube and mask is just as important when it comes to improving your health. The SoClean II will remove 99.99 percent of harmful bacteria, and takes no time out of your day to use. Works with all masks and machines to thoroughly and safely clean your accessories without the use of harmful chemicals or alcohol, instead relying on oxygen to deliver a health clinic level of sanitation!

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