RemZzzs produces a mask liner to protect your skin from the cushion of your mask. A comfort feature that can also help improve the therapy from your sleep apnea machine. First and foremost RemZzzs is designed to rest between the cushion and headgear of your nasal or full-face CPAP mask and your skin, reducing irritation that can be caused by an uncomfortable cushion.

RemZzzs can also help improve your CPAP mask seal by filling in any cracks between your cushion and your face. If you have a poor seal, you're going to notice that your therapy is greatly affected. RemZzzs can help by reducing or completely eliminating mask leaks by acting as a barrier for that cushion seal. Improving your therapy, while also greatly improving your comfort. Works for most of the CPAP masks we sell, but check the sizing chart first to see if your mask is included.

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RemZzzs CPAP Mask Liners (30-day Supply)
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