Ear Cushions For Oxygen Nasal Cannula By Sunset HealthCare

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Use these to prevent abrasions!

Key Features:

  • Comfortable, soft-foam cushion serves as a skin buffer
  • Universal fit for use with all nasal cannulas
  • Ideal for long oxygen therapy sessions
  • Helps prevent painful abrasions
  • Protects delicate skin behind the ears
Product Details

Reusable Soft Foam Ear Cushions for Oxygen Nasal Cannula

The Sunset Healthcare Latex-Free Ear Cushions serve as a buffer between your cannula and the delicate skin behind your ears to make your cannula much more comfortable to wear. Compatible with all brands of nasal cannulas, these soft foam cushions provide comfort for long oxygen therapy sessions, preventing painful abrasions and pressure sores that discourage you from using oxygen.

Technical Data
Item Includes

1 Pair of oxygen cannula ear cushion

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Trisha M
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Subject: Ear cushions for nasal cannulas
I recently ordered an Everflo Oxygen 5l stationary home concentrator from Respshop. I needed a second one for my RV and the price was right! The customer service representative was very knowledgeable when I made the order and I was thankful for her expertise. I was able to get information on the Everflo internal filter, the bubble bottles and the different oxygen tubing. I have trouble with the nasal cannulas not staying in place and causing skin irritation behind my ears. When I use oxygen therapy at night, I use an oxygen adapter and hook it up to my CPAP. Therefore at night my ears get a break from the rubbing of the oxygen cannulas. I am thankful for this break because if I had to wear the oxygen tubing hooked behind my ears 24 hours a day my ears would be so sore.
When I explained this to the customer service representative she suggested I use the ear cushion product Respshop supplies. I had no idea this product even existed. I just slide these onto the cannulas tubing before hooking it over my ears. The tube now stays in place and I no longer have any ear irritation. If you use oxygen therapy you need these lovely ear cushions!
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How do these ear cushions work? Will they really help my sore ears? I am desperate for something.

Yes, the ear cushions will help the nasal cannula tubing stay in place and not rub the skin constantly. This will help your sore skin to feel better.

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I need more than 2

Hello they are packaged as 2 and you may purchase more packages if you like. Thank you.

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