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Sunset Healthcare Oxygen Enrichment Adapter

Sunset Healthcare Oxygen Enrichment Adapter

Sunset Healthcare Oxygen Enrichment Adapter
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Oxygen Enrichment Adapter for CPAP Users

For users who need to bleed oxygen into their mask during the course of CPAP therapy, the Oxygen Enrichment Adapter from Sunset Healthcare is an ideal attachment piece. The adapter connects your CPAP machine to your tube, allowing for oxygen to bleed naturally into your CPAP. The adapter has a 22 mm adapter and a 6mm barbed rotating stem.

Key Features

  • Easy Attachment
  • 22 MM Connector Port
  • Lightweight Adaptor
Reviewers Tip:

Be careful with the enrichment adapter: the design isn't brittle, but the piece is small and should be handled with care for optimal performance.


Do I need this oxygen port for CPAP therapy?

You should only use the oxygen adapter if you need oxygen while you sleep: it is not a standard element of CPAP treatment.

Does this enrichment adapter connect to heated tubes?

Yes, it is compatible with heated and unheated tubes.


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